Saturday, March 3, 2018

VHS Cassette Tape Rental in Miniature

I was recently told that VHS rental is coming back to fashion. My first reaction was - I need to celebrate this in miniature! I've been eyeing the GSL Bookcase 1 to 12 and decided it was perfect. 
As with all of my projects, I start by laying out all the pieces to see how everything fits together. This one is super simple to figure out.
I decided to give the inside of my bookcase a neutral finish to make the shelf contents stand out so I gave the inside surfaces a coat of gesso as primer, followed by a coat of off-white acrylic paint.
Once dry, the bookcase was assembled using tacky glue. I used rubber bands to hold everything in place while the glue dries. Once dry, I gave the exterior a coat of gesso followed by a bright red acrylic paint finish.
The GSL Filmstrip Mini Sheets made the perfect d├ęcor for the sides of the case. I gave each one a coat of black acrylic paint.
Next came the fun part! Searching for images of some classic movie posters that I resized to perfectly fit inside the filmstrip openings.

Once assembled, they were glued onto the sides of the case.
To make the tapes, I started with dollhouse construction bricks I've had in my stash forever. If you aren't able to find them, you could also use scraps of wood cut to size. I painted the bricks black to mimic a tape cassette. Searching for images was fun. I was surprised how many VHS tape covers I was able to find. I adjusted the size for print, cut them out then used a scoring board to make the creases nice and crisp then glued them onto the bricks.
I knew I wanted to have some candy and popcorn on the top shelf because every VHS rental place I've ever been to sold to-go movie snacks. The popcorn box and Snickers display were free printable miniatures I found online. Same for the M&M's. To make a display case for the M&M's, I cut a tongue depressor and some coffee stirrers to size, painted them red then glued them together with tacky glue. The little Snickers and M&M's packages each got a small piece of coffee stirrer glued inside as a filler. 
Final touches include a Starship Enterprise that started life as a Hallmark mini ornament, a ceramic popcorn bucket from my stash of miniatures and a Be Kind Rewind sign made from cardstock glued to one of those dollhouse bricks to make it stand up.
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Gypsy Soul Laser Items Used

Other Items Used
Acrylic paint
Tacky glue
Printed images
Scoring mat
Dollhouse bricks or wood scraps cut to size
Wooden tongue depressor
Wooden coffee stir sticks
Bits and bobs

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