Friday, March 23, 2018

Hidden Secrets with Alicia Barry

How clever is this Hidden Drawer Book Box from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!  It looks like a regular treasure box, but has a very cool little drawer built into the spine. There are a few pieces to this one, but it's designed in a way that there is really only one way that it will go together. Start with the drawer, remembering that it has the second panel over the front. (add this at the end for perfect placement). The remaining pieces should look fairly obvious to put together, just match up all of the tabs and slots. I always like to place everything together and check it before gluing. 

Today I decided to assemble before gluing. There is no need to paint all the inside pieces, and in fact I would recommend not painting them, as it may make it just a little harder for the drawer to slide in and out.  

I used black gesso as a base for a change on this one. I really only need the edges to show. I then cut patterned paper panels to fit and adhered with liquid glue.  

For the top of my box, I wanted to create a steampunk effect without going to too much effort to add lots of layers and textures as I felt that it might interfere with the delicate design of the butterfly wings. Instead I created a faux rust kind of effect by first painting with black gesso, then I sponged with Dylusions paint. This paint is so vibrant, that I barely needed to add any at all. Once dry, I sponged again with gold gilding wax. I also sponged the edges of the box with the gilding wax. This stuff is amazing, and works so incredibly well on chipboard. 

Notice how I doubled up two of the same butterfly, so I could really emphasise the height on the wings. I set this onto a decorative border to frame the top of the box. I refrained from adding colour to this piece so that the butterfly would really stand out. 

Some metal decorations on the spine are the only hint that the drawer is even there. 

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