Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dream catcher

Hi everyone, Heather with you today to show you how to make a dream catcher with various items from, other than the actual dreamcatcher, which is in the store. I thought that it would be fun to invent my own, so here it is.

First  of all I decided which items to use and I chose the ones above to begin with, and as usual I forgot to take a photo of them all before I put Gesso on them hence the mixed photo. However I did remember to take a photo of the feathers, (below) then I covered these with Gesso.
I found some blue paper with clouds on it and decided that it would be nice as a background on the air balloons that I used in the middle. I used a small flower shaped die to go in the middle of the balloons and decided that two would look better than one so I stuck these together then glued them onto the balloons and added a deep red ready made rose in the middle of the flowers. I used my hot 
glue gun to stick these together because I thought it would 
give it strength and stick together better

I wanted the flowers in the centre of the balloons to stand out a bit so I used the large and small scalloped punch elements stuck together with 2mm. thick foam tape, then glued the flowers into the centre of these.
The baskets of the air balloon were stuck on top of each other to form the centre then I stuck the dream word element  that I had coloured blue with distress ink onto a spare flower and glued this in the centre. This formed the basic shape that I wanted for my dreamcatcher. 
I needed some flimsy feathers to go onto my gsl feathers, and I hadn't got any, so my daughter kindly posted some to me and as you can see I edged the GSL feathers with blue distress ink then stuck the flimsy feathers onto the back. I had some white wire with white pearls on the end of them that made a spray of three so I stuck these to the front of my feathers and tied them to the bottom of the dream word element, so that they just hung loose, then I glued the remaining two GSL feathers into the side of the balloons just to give a bit of a feature. A piece of satin ribbon with a bow in the middle to hang it with was glued onto the back of the balloons and I have my (make it myself) dreamcatcher. Hope  you might be inspired to make one as well. It is a little bit "fiddly" in places but really good fun to make.
GSL Items used:

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