Saturday, March 10, 2018

This Ballerina Music Box Goes Steampunk by Betsy Skagen

My latest creation was inspired by my daughter who will be performing in a steampunk circus show for the month of August.

Instead of being a dancer like this tiny figure, my daughter will be riding a giraffe unicycle (giraffes are the extra tall unicycles) amid amazing steampunk props and scenery. However I loved the idea of transforming the typically delicate music box into a steampunk wonder.
You too can make this steampunk ballerina music box. Begin by assembling a 3-Inch Cube (coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts).Then cover the cube, Texture Sheet Gears 6 x 6Gears Shape Set and Butterflies and Dragonflies with black gesso.

Add a coat of matte black acrylic paint to the cube.
After the gesso dries, apply embossing ink and embossing powder to some old springs, the gears and butterflies and set with heat. Repeat this process several times, building layers of copper, rust, black and brown in order to give the pieces a rust colored and rough textured appearance. 

Cut the texture sheet into sections to roughly fit on each side of the cube (except the bottom) and adhere to the cube. 

Using strong adhesive,  tweezers and a bit of patience, use the springs and individual gears to build three-dimensional sculptures out from the cube. 
Use a copper colored paint pen to change a plastic ballerina's skirt from pink to copper. Adhere the ballerina to the top of the box. 

Using the same technique as earlier, continue building out from the top of the cube with the butterflies.

Cut a small diamond from reflective paper and line it with strips of black cardstock. Adhere it to the butterflies to create the music box mirror. 

Cut a wind-up key from chipboard and punch two holes in it. Paint it with the copper colored pen. 
Fold the end of the key and adhere it to the side of the cube. 
Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you find something to inspire your creativity! -Betsy

Great Stuff

3" Cube  (coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts)
Texture Sheet Gears 6 x 6
Gears Shape Set
Butterflies and Dragonflies
Old springs
Black gesso
Embossing ink
Embossing powder in brown, copper, black, rust
Reflective paper
Black cardstock
Hot glue gun
Plastic ballerina
Copper paint pen

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  1. Absolutely a charmer! I am crazy over-the-moon about this little treasure! You've done a fantastic bit of work on it. I wouldn't have really thought about steampunk and ballerinas being combined LOL - but you have done it soooo delightfully - and your tutorial is terrific and easy to follow. If only I had more time ... sigh ...
    Thanks so much for sharing this!