Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Easter Greetings from Mr. Bead, my faovorite curmudgeon.

Ah, Mr. Bead. There's something about you my friend. You are so cranky, so dour, so disarmingly grumpy. You just make me smile.
I have made a couple of other 'Mr. Bead'....pieces in my earlier paper days and he has always stuck with me. I am probably a little off center myself, but there is something about putting this grumpy guy into scenarios where most people are happy and seeing his sour-puss face that makes me laugh.
Maybe deep down he is gooey melted chocolate like a foil wrapped Easter bunny left in the sun.
This is a pretty straight-forward project and fun to do. I bega n with the ATC Shrine Box.
I glued it together and used rubber bands to keep it fitting tightly whilst the glue dried.
I measured and cut my papers for both inside and out. You can see in the picture below Mr. Bead has been getting a trim as well
After gluing the papers on and letting them dry, I gave the edges of the box a sanding.....
and inked up the edges, making it looked a bit more finished and give it some aging.
It gets a bit wordy here as I lost a few pictures to wherever WiFi takes bits you really need-kind of like the dryer eating one of your favorite stripey socks.
Next time I will not click on 'remove duplicate images from device' when downloading project pics.

I made the wee bunting letters, the phrase 'Easter Greetings from Mr. Bead' and the balloon on Illustrator.
I cut out tiny triangles of scrap paper and glued the 'Happy Easter' letters on them and glued those to the pink scrap of fuzzy ribbon.
The white string is a piece of embroidery thread I used as the tail of the balloon.
I used a piece from the Stackable Labels Shape Set which I painted green and after it dried, I glued my Mr. Bead phrase onto it.
For the foot of the piece, I used a 1 Inch Wide Wooden Finial I got from Alpha Stamps,
I glued it to a washer and painted the whole thing green and then after everything else was assembled, glued it on the bottom of the box.
I glued some bunny ears I drew and cut out on to Mr. Bead and glued a piece of foam to the back of the card stock to make him sit forward in the box. The tulips were scrap from a bit of scrap book paper I used ages ago. I put more foam on the back of the tulips and glued those to Mr. Bead.
I think he likes flowers....
I added more of the tulip scrap on top of the box, and added some glitter to the bottom edge of it, around the 'Easter Greetings from Mr. Bead' plaque and a little on his bunny ears.
He just makes me smile, he's so cranky.
The bunting went on the back of the piece and I impulsively added a couple of silk flowers left from another project.
And there it is!
Maybe you know someone like Mr. Bead. If you do, give him and extra big smile.
By the way, there is a Mrs. Bead who is equally as humbuggy as her mister. I may have to do something with an Easter bonnet for her...........
ATC Shrine Box
Stackable Labels Shape Set

Additional Supplies:
1 Inch Wide Wooden Finial (from Alpha Stamps)
Green paint
Bo Bunny Vintage Dot Scrap book paper in Pear and Pink
Silk flowers
Cabinet card image (scanned....I never use my originals)
Various scrap (for the tulip border)
Scrap bits of ribbon and string

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