Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dancing Hares

Hello all, Lora here taking my turn for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. It's nearly time for Easter and that means spring is on it's way.
Though I will miss winter, (my favorite season) I do love change and look forward to the freshness of Spring.
I sure have made a lot of Easter arts and crafts over the years...lots of it is pretty frou-frou as there is so much about the holiday of Easter that is represented that way. I'm not a real 'fluffy' gal myself, but I admit to a deep and abiding love for chocolate and any celebration that includes it puts a big chocolate mustache smile on my face.
Another thing I love are hares. They are gorgeous creatures with improbably huge ears and big old back feet. You don't see them much, but they figure in a lot of fairy stories and mythology.
So here is my pared down, all - seasons offering of a few hares dancing for joy.
Hope they make you smile.
 This is probably the simplest project in the world, so it's probably the shortest tutorial as well, but here it is....
I started out with the Mini Shadowbox Set I used three of the boxes and set the other three aside for a future use.
I glued them together and painted the entire thing white, back, front and sides.
While I was painting, I also gave the Fleur Border (coming soon) a good coat of white paint.
I made a little sign that says 'Now is when we dance'.
I cut a chunk from the Fleur Border and glued my sign on it.
I used white Dresden trim around the outside edges, glued some flowery bits I cut from the Fleur Border at each corner.
I glued the 'Now is when we dance' sign top and center of the piece and after cutting out all my hares, arranged them the way I liked them and stuck them in using foam tape for extra dimension.
Super simple project but with a lot of effect, since its very contrast-y.
Does anybody catch the (loose) reference to Mike Meyers and SNL?  :-D
Mini Shadowbox Set

Additional supplies:
White acrylic paint
Fleur Border andWhite Dresden Trim (from Alpha Stamps)
Dancing Bunnies (from Northern Whimsy Image)

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  1. Lora, I can't believe how deliciously happy this project makes me! It makes me want to jump for joy!