Wednesday, August 21, 2019

madonna enshrined

Hi everyone, Ann here today, sharing "madonna enshrined." A small shrine I created to showcase a hand painted madonna. I love creating religious pieces and recently acquired a mold to make these small Mary statues. I was so excited when I realized that she fit perfectly in the GSLC ATC Shrine with Feet.  
I begin with a Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts ATC Shrine with Feet. I always like to lay out the pieces and see how they all fit together prior to adding any finishes. This helps me to understand what areas are visible, as well as lets me envision how I want the final piece to look.
I cover all of the chipboard pieces with a light coat of grey chalk paint. This piece is made from medium weight chipboard, so it's not really a problem, but it's always a good idea to stick to light coats of paint that dry quickly, adding more coats as needed instead of one heavy wet layer, it helps avoid warping. Once the base color has dried, I dry-brush some pickling finish onto all of the exterior surfaces, including the exposed edges. I want to give the shrine the look of weathered wood. 
When the finish is completely dry, I cut some marbled Momi paper, from my special paper stash, to cover the the interior surfaces. Since I will be attaching the statue to the bottom, I cover it with a piece of heavyweight charcoal gray paper. The papers are cut to fit just inside the assembled piece, this way they do not interfere with the interlocking tabs that hold the shrine together. 
 I use a quick drink adhesive along the edges of the chipboard pieces and assemble the shrine. If necessary, I clamp the pieces together until the glue has dried. Once the shrine is assembled, I attach the cut papers to the inside by running a slight glue line around the edges and laying the paper onto the surface.
The next step is adding an edge of Dresden trim along the top and bottom edges of the interior. I use one long piece and trim off the extra length to ensure the strip extends the full distance. I use a small rope Dresden to frame the opening of the shrine where the madonna will be located.
Next, I paint the resin figure to be included, and add silver detailing. I add a die cut 3D radiant piece to her head to create a halo. I also add silver die cut stars onto the back panel. The madonna statue is attached to the base with collage medium and set aside to dry overnight. 
Such a beautiful but simple shrine to display my madonna. This ATC shrine with feet would be a perfect way to display any of your special items. I hope that you create one of your own, I'd love to see how you would use this piece.
Thank you so much for stopping by today, I truly appreciate it.
Hope your day is a creative one.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts:
ATC Shrine with Feet

other products:
Distress collage medium: matte
Dresden trims
Folk Art: chalk paint, pickling finish
Mullberry Paper: marbled Momi
Paper Artsy fresco paints
Retro Cafe Art silicone mold
Resin Madonna
Tim Holtz / Sizzix Alterations dies: 3D radiant, shape strips

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Another Small Thing

I am going through a phase of making small things. Well, some of them are smaller than usual. Lora here for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts with a very small birdhouse.
Here is a picture of it in my hand for scale....
And the back..
It was a fun, simple project and in the end, I really like how it turned out.
Just a couple tips on construction:
I started out with the Little Bird House.
I assembled it, primed it with gesso and sealed it with varnish. I will often do this even if I put paper on things later-it seals the chipboard from moisture and gives the piece a longer life and it becomes a pretty tough surface to apply all kinds of techniques to if you wish. This is not a step you have to do.
I set the little house aside to dry for a bit and took a small block I had (about 1/2 square) marked the center and drilled a hole in the it the size of a 1/8 inch dowel.
I papered all sides of the house except the bottom, which I drilled another (same size) hole in for the other end of the dowel. I used a scalpel to refine the hole.
I did not attach the dowel to the birdhouse - I left that until the last in order to make embellishing the wee thing a it easier. I papered the little block and stuck the dowel in that end after painting it white.
I used a gold ink pad to age up the edges of the bird house and the block, a tiny bit of scrap Dresden to trim out the gables and a couple of scraps of paper added to the house, like the stamps on the roof and the feather on the back for extra detail.
I then glued the house on the dowel.
I snipped some twigs off of my old dogwood tree and glued them upright on the dowel. I also glued a tiny twig into the lower smaller hole on the birdhouse for a little perch.
Then added moss and tiny rose buds to the piece.
The last thing I put on was the tiny little robin with a dab of glue.
I really like this tiny little thing.
I hope you make one!
Little Bird House

Wooden dowel
Wooden block
Stamperia Garden scrapbook paper
Dresden trim in white
Tiny rosebuds

Thank you very much for dropping in!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Haunted House Halloween Greeting Card

Hello there friends and crafty peeps!  Ginny here to share a very mixed media styled card. I was inspired to create a background with Distress Inks and once I had it done I knew just what holiday chippie I wanted to use.....
I know it's a bit early for Halloween but I really wanted to play with those inks lol.
With all the detail in the background I knew I needed a large bold graphic focal point.
I was even able to incorporate the extra piece I had trimmed from the top as an extra embellishment.

Here's that chippie. It's the haunted house oval. I wiped it down to prepare it for altering.
I clipped off the top of the oval to make it fit better on my card and not hide the inked background.
Black embossing powder was a great way to get a nice finish quickly.  I went back and altered the bats on that mini moon that I originally planned to discard.  It fit perfectly on the top of the card as an extra added detail.

~Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts~ Haunted House Oval

Wishing everyone a happy and productive day : ) G

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Open In Case Of Emergency

Happy Saturday, everyone! Connie here to remind you to make sure you have supplies on hand in case of an emergency. That is what I had in mind when I decorated this fun little cabinet because you never know what might be coming your way.... hurricane, tornado, flooding, even the zombie apocalypse (which is what inspired this piece!). 
I started with the GSL Arch Top Cabinet with Doors.  The cabinet is easy to assemble. It has a back wall, top, bottom & sides plus a front piece with two cabinet doors. 
After assembling the cabinet with tacky glue, I gave the exterior surfaces a coat of gesso followed by black acrylic paint. The interior was papered with a neutral gray scrapbook paper I had in my stash.

Before setting the front of the cabinet in place, I adhered a few Lego mini figure weapons to one of the walls.
Next step was to glue miniature hinges in place onto the front piece. I later added 'nails' by snipping the heads off of some straight pins and gluing them in place. 
For interior storage, I used the GSL Petite Garden Shelves. They were assembled using tacky glue and painted in gray acrylic paint. 
Before I glued the shelves inside the cabinet, I adhered all the miniature emergency supplies in place and hung an Open In Case of Emergency sign on a cabinet handle.
I found lots of safety prep and first aid images and shrunk them to fit on the interior cabinet doors. 
On the top shelf is a first aid kit, a mini compass, a matchbox made from a wee printable, a can with a water purification tablet label, tiny knife and a pack of batteries made from printed images and a wooden skewer.
The middle shelf holds playing cards (gotta keep busy during the apocalypse!), another Lego weapon and a container of firestarters (dried seeds).
Next to the shelf I added a dollhouse lantern on the left and a bedroll made from quilt batting on the right.
The bottom has a few cans of Spam I made  from dollhouse bricks. Fritos are our absolute must have in our house when bad weather is forecast so I knew I needed to make a bag of those! The roll of toilet paper was made from strips of paper towels wrapped around a cardstock core.
Stay safe out there!
GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Gray Scrapbook paper
Mini hinges
Straight pins
Printed images
Lego mini figure weapons
Assorted miniatures

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ode to Bee-Keeping . . .

Coming to you from Nancyland today
with an
Ode to Bees.

This summer, our flower garden is full of bees
and that's always a good thing!

First step was choosing these beautiful
Prima Marketing papers and layering them on a card front.
Each one has accents of rose gold.

I loved the Bee-Keeping with the butterfly image
and chose that for my focal point.

And of course, bees need their hive.
I used the
and painted the honeycomb Metallique Bronze.

While that was drying
I heat embossed one of the bees with black embossing powder
and one of the crowns
with gold embossing powder.

Wanting to frame the small image,
I used one of the frames from the 

After painting it black and letting that dry,
I put an extra thick coat of 
Distress Crazing Medium.

It required lots of patience and a heat gun
(mainly because I don't have patience)

and then I used Prima Metallique on top of the crazing
to give it more color.

Layering on top of the card was the last step.

Hope you enjoyed my 
Ode to Bee-Keeping.

I used the following
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts on this card:

Thanks for visiting today!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Misundersood Monsters and Mysterious Creatures Alphabet Installment-R, V, Y

I will be reusing the Small 5" by 7" Wooden IKEA frames I added to patina to the last time and have included those steps here for reference. This time I will be using Embossing Powders and a Heating tool to alter the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Alphabet Stencils for "R" is for Ravens, messengers of bad luck, "V" is for Vampires sometimes in the form of a bat, and "Y" is for Yeti also known as the Abominable Snowman. Remember this technique can be used to alter any of the GSLC chipboards. 
 1.  Take GSLC Alphabet Stencil Blanks from Package.
2.  Print Images of your choosing to represent each letter, I have decided upon a Monsters and Mysterious Creatures one and not sure what I will find.
3.  I am using 3 small 5" by 7" inch IKEA wooden frames to showcase each of the letters.
4.  I am a texture type of guy so I want to alter the frames and give them added interest. I want them to look similar but not the same like they are part of a collection.
5.  For the first frame I used various Ice Resin Enamels in German Silver and Torched Copper and Embossing Enamels in Aged Hunter and Aged Copper. I layered them and cured with a heating tool. This method can also be used on any of the GSLC chipboards as I will probably use later in my project.
6.  I added Tim Holts Distress Sprays in Walnut Stain to add additional patina.
7.  The second frame was aged using Finnabair rust pastes in greens, browns, and orange placed on randomly with a paintbrush. I then used transparent burnt sienna ink to fill in any empty spaces. Once again this technique can be used on any of the GSLC chipboard pieces. 
8.  The final frame was given a patina using Tim Holtz Distress Grit-Paste and Ferro-Copper Paste applied with a thin plastic spatula using a  Snake Skin Stencil and further distressing with alcohol inks in browns and greens. Once again this technique can be used on any of the GSLC chipboard pieces. 
9.  For altering the GSLC Alphabet Stencil Blanks this time I will be Versa Mark Ink Pad, Embossing Powders, and a Heating Tool.
10.                I used on PEARLustre Lapis, and Ranger Black Sparkle Embossing Powders on the GSLC Alphabet Stencil "R", Wendy Vecchi Red Geranium Embossing Powders on the GSLC Alphabet Stencil "V", and Tarnished Gold and Copper Embossing Powders on the "Y".
 11.                Choose the Raven and Chandelier from the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts String Alongs Gothic Set and some snowflakes from the GSLC Snowflake Shape Set.
12.                Find complimentary pieces of scrapbook papers for the backgrounds of your GSLC Alphabet Framed Designs. I used a gilded script for the "R",  I used a Brick and distressed wall for the "V", and a wood grain for the "Y".
13.                Cut and glue the appropriate images for each of Framed letters, securing with Weldbond.
14.                Add the chosen Raven, Chandelier, and Snowflakes from each of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Sets to add further depth to your designs. I did not alter these chipboards in any way but used them in their original beauty.
15.                Our GSLC Alphabet Stencils are complete for Letters "R","V" and "Y"

Some final thoughts.
"R" is for Ravens sometimes a messenger of death but this too may be a misconception.
"V" is for vampires, sometimes in the form of a bat to hide their original conception.
"Y" is for the Yeti sometimes called the Abominable Snowman who never seems to get a warm reception.
Stay tuned for the next and last instillation of  my GSLC Alphabet Stencil Blanks-Monsters and Mysterious Creatures Edition. I wonder what I will use for the final two letter "K" and "X"?
Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Alphabet Stencil Blanks, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Snowflake Shape Set, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-String Alongs - Gothic,   3 small 5" by 7" inch IKEA wooden frames, Matte Medium Ice Resins in Torched Copper and German Silver, Aged Hunter and Aged Copper Embossing Enamel, Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain in Walnut, Heating Tool, Finnabair Rust Pastes in Greens, Browns, and Orange, Transparent Burnt Sienna Ink, Paint Brush, Versa mark Ink Pad, Embossing Powders-Tarnished Gold, Copper, Wendy Vecchi Red Geranium, PEARLustre Lapis, and Ranger Black Sparkle, Pieces of scrapbook papers for the backgrounds, Various Printed Images of Monster and Mysterious Creatures using Inkjet Printer and paper, and Weldbond.

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!