Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Egyptian Enchantment-A Peek-a-Boo Project

 I have always been fascinated by the Pyramids of Egypt and wonder how they were actually built. There are many myths and theories of how they came into being, they are the inspiration for this artwork. 

1.  Collect Supplies

2.  Use Resin Scarab As Focal Point

3.  Decide on Arrangement of GSLC Hieroglyphics.

4.  Use Golden Acrylic Paints-Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow to Paint GSLC Hieroglyphics in Chosen Pattern.

5.  Use Lumiere Metallic Copper Paint on Scarab Mold to Add Pattern to Painted GSLC Hieroglyphics.

6.  Use Brown and Gray StazOn Ink and Script Stamp on Old Book Cover.


7.  Use Heavy Gel Matte Medium to Place GSLC Hieroglyphics and Resin Scarab Into Chosen Patterns.

8.  Once Completely Dry Use a Needle to Randomly Sew  Copper, Blue, and Scarlet  Threads Onto Your Artpiece.

9.  Use a Needle to Add the Embroidery Thread to the Outside of Artpiece to Form a Frame.

10.                Seal in All Loose Threads Using Weldbond and a Piece of Cut Bookboard.

Some Final Thoughts.

An explanation of some of the Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Scarab symbolizes renewal and rebirth, The Ankh-sometimes said to be the Key of Life or the Key of the Nile-is representative of eternal life and balance of life, The Eye of Ra symbolizes protection that comes from power, violence and fury, while the Eye of Horus symbolizes regeneration, healing, and divine protection from the gods, The Snake could be seen as both dangerous and helpful, when attached to the front of a Pharaoh's crown it likely represents the Goddess Wadjet and was hoped to ensure protection, the Bird also may represent rebirth, the Egyptians believed that when someone died, Their soul would be taken by a bird to live with Osiris on his throne, The Lotus Flower is the national flower of Egypt, and the Pillar or Djed represents stability and strength.

  Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Hieroglyphics, Old Book Cover, Resin Scarab, Golden Acrylic Paints-Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Lumiere Metallic Copper Paint, Scarab Mold, Brown and Gray StazOn Ink, Script Stamp, Heavy Gel Matte Medium, Copper, Blue, and Scarlet  Thread, Needle, Embroidery Thread, Scrap Bookboard, Weldbond   


I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!



Saturday, September 4, 2021

Halloween Market Stall

Happy Saturday, everyone! As autumn approaches, I get into the mood for spooky crafting. I absolutely adore the GSL 1:12 Scale Market Stall (which is available over at Alpha Stamps) and was inspired to turn it into a Halloween market and fill it with all sorts of eerie sweets and treats.

Here are the main pieces of the market stall all laid out.

I painted the supports, shelves and floor with black acrylic paint then added a great insect image from K&Company Haunted that I cut into sections before gluing in place.

Here's the market's base, it has slots to hold the stall in place. Since the stall has an attached floor, I was able to cut BoBunny Double Dot Vintage paper to fit around the slots where the stall would be placed.

The remaining pieces assemble to be the shop counter. It was papered in BoBunny's Wonderfully Wicked collection and I used an embossed reptile print from The Paper Studio for the countertop.

All of the treats were super fun to make. These lollipops are circles of polymer clay with flat tooth picks inserted. Those eventually got trimmed to length. They were glazed with Glossy Accents after baking.

I've seen full sized glitter pumpkins for sale as Halloween decorations and thought why not make some mini ones? These are putka pods that are sometimes sold as vase filler. They were first painted then a layer of glue went on before rolling them around in fine glitter.

The jars of 'candy' are filled with micro beads and polymer clay cane slices.

I made the most adorable cookie house from a GSL 1 to 12 Gingerbread House and some shingles cut from a GSL Tiny Shingles Sampler.

Once assembled, I added some ghosts I made from polymer clay and a bat and glow in the dark star. I love how this came out so much I am dying to make a bunch more!

Jack o'lantern cookies were made from polymer clay then frosted with liquid polymer clay tinted with chalk pastels. Treat bags were made from a full sized cellophane treat bag that was cut to size then assembled using double sided tape.

Here are some close ups. The top shelf has retro costumes I made from a Retro Halloween Treat Bags Collage Sheet and some printed mask images. Those tiny happy meal buckets are made simply from cardstock that I decorated and rolled.

Below the candy jar shelf you'll find some cookie sculptures and candy apples I made from polymer clay.

The spooky house on the counter was joined by lollipops, cookies and polymer clay caramel apples.

At the base of the counter I added a cauldron of cookies and black cat from the GSL Black Creepy Critters Set. Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

1:12 Scale Market Stall

1 to 12 Gingerbread House

Tiny Shingles Sampler

Black Creepy Critters Set

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

Acrylic paint

K&Company Haunted by Brenda Walton

BoBunny Double Dot

BoBunny Wonderfully Wicked

Paper Studio reptile paper

Retro Halloween Treat Bags

Polymer clay

Liquid polymer clay

Polymer clay canes

Glossy Accents

Miniature glass bottles

Putka pods


Micro beads

Cellophane bag


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

My Coin Collection-A Peek-a-Boo Project


Many of us may have had a coin collection of our own or knew someone who collected coins. I've never been a big coin collector myself, but both my momma and my older brother were. When both died I inherited part of their collections, I have them stored safely away but wish I had the fascination with them that they did. When I traveled to different countries, I was intrigued with how different some of their coins were and how colorful their paper money was. These are the inspirations for this artwork.

1.  Gather Your Supplies

2.  Use a Spray Bottle to Moisten The Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Artist Trading Coins.

3.  Use a variety of Embossing Folders to add texture to GSLC Artist Trading Coins.

4.  Add tissue papers to the embossed coins by first bushing them with Matte Gel Varnish***In hindsight I should have done this before I put coins through the Sizzix BIGkick Machine ***

5.  Once Tissue Paper were on GSLC Coins, I put them back thorough the Sizzix BIGkick Machine.

6.  Use variety of Acrylic Paints to define patterns and add patina to your coins.

7.  To further emphasize patterns, use a variety of inks and dyes to enhance their patina.

8. Seal Everything with Matte Gel Medium   


9.  That's it an absolutely Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Type of Project. They can be added to Mixed Media Assemblages or Mounted into Shadowbox Frames.

 Some Final Thoughts 

We were not a rich family growing up so I was always impressed with my momma's frugality. I remember her faithfully going to our small town bank and asking if they had any two dollar bills or Susan B Anthony Coins. She liked them because they were both so unique and different from other USA coins and currency. It has taken me this long to realize that's why my momma loved me so much. I turned out differently than they had hoped I would be but they accepted me for who I was and allowed me to flourish in my own way and time.

"Failure is Impossible" "Independence is Happiness"-Susan B. Anthony

"Keep your coins, I want change"-Bansky

Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Artist Trading Coins, Embossing Folders, Spray Bottle of Water, Matte Gel Varnish, Tissue Papers, Sizzix BIGkick Machine, Variety Of Acrylic Paints, Variety of Inks and Dyes,

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!