Friday, March 9, 2018

Reach for the Stars with Alicia Barry

My daughter started competing in gymnastics this year and has just finished out the winter competition season and did very well especially for her first time. To celebrate this milestone, I decided to make this Arch Top Triptych decoration for her room.

To make the colours really pop, I used white gesso first. I used a combination of silks paints to create the background. I like that these have a shimmery finish to them. I let them dry slightly in between so that the colours wouldn't get too muddy. I also used some 3D stamp paint in violet. I swiped it on with my finger to help it blend in with the paints. 

I used some gold gilding wax to coat the Reach for the Stars title, and gymnastics silhouettes from the Gymnastics Shape Set. Note that I did trim the bottom of the star in the title so that it would sit flat along the bottom of the project.

I used the same gold gilding wax applied with a sponge around the edge of the project. 

For the stars, I painted them with white gesso first, then lightly sponged with the gold wax that was left on the sponge.

Note that because of the size of the title, it overlaps the middle panel, so that I wasn't able to angle two panels to allow the project to stand on its own. Instead, I'll add some hooks to the back and hang it on the wall.

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