Saturday, February 29, 2020

Paper Moon Tags

This month I'm diving into my stash and making some dreamy mixed media tags for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

And while you'll find the full supply list of the bits I've used for my tags, I totally encourage you to dip into your own stash to create the textured effect with extra bits from your own stash.

I've layered chipboard elements and washes of paint and glitter to achieve the desired effect on these tags. I am LOVING the texture. The same effect can be achieved by layering all sorts of extra chippy bits, so don't feel confined to using the same ones I've listed. Just be sure the top layer contains a few stars and you'll be set.

I've turned these tags upside-down so that the ribbons dangle, my initial intent being to add charms and dangly beads... that idea went out the window. 

I'm all about creating as means of improvisation and playing. If you don't have a certain product, use what's on hand and experiment! Sometimes those results are just as nice.

And I am so pleased with these how these paper moon tags turned out. They make my heart happy.

If you'd like to see how I created these tags, pop over HERE for a video of my process.

Gypsy Soul Supplies:
Chipboard Decorative Tags X Large

Other goodies I used:
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Adornments - Stars
Tim Holtz - Idea-ology - Paper Dolls
Scrapbook paper
Old paper
Wired tinsel
Clear gesso
Acrylic paint

Friday, February 28, 2020

Bloom Box With a Drawer

Who doesn't love a pretty little box?

This little box is made with the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Hidden Drawer Book Box and is 4.25 x 6.25 x 1.75.  General instructions on the website call for wiping the edges of the laser cuts, but I always start my class reiterating that point and laying out all of the pieces.

Step 1: Find the drawer pieces.  It's helpful to me to write on the pieces to identify where they go.  (The piece on the bottom of this picture is set aside to use later.)  I inked all the edges with a Sharpie.

(All the pieces of paper are cut and labeled for my classes.) 

This is the Graphic 45 paper line "Bloom".

Step 2: Find the blue cardstock printed paper and ink the edges:

Step 3: Use Scor-tape on the back of the pieces because it holds really well and can be unglued with Un-du if necessary.

Step 4: Put the drawer together with liquid glue and the inside looks like this:

Step 5: Ink the edges of the pieces of cardstock labeled box outside and adhere like this:

This is a better view of the drawer:

Step 6: Find the pieces of the box:

Step 7: There is an overhang which is inked with the Sharpie:

Step 8: Ink the flowered papers and the box looks like this:

Step 9: Back to the piece that was set aside.  The pink printed paper is adhered to one side.  The handle is used to mark where the brads go. I used a Crop-o-Dile to punch the holes.  The brads are put through the holes, the prongs are spead open and I use a piece of Scor-Tape to keep the brads from rubbing on the paper.

This is how the front looks:

This is how the front looks with the pink paper:

Step 10: There is a blue piece that is adhered on the other side of this piece:

Step 11: Scor-tape is adhered to the font of the box:

Step 12: The back of the panel is adhered to the box - it's flush with the worksurface:

This is how the back of the panel looks fom the backside of the box:

This is the finished box:

 Step 13: Pop up a chipboard piece from the paper line for the top of the box and add some small flowers:

Step 14: Use the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Small Staggerd Tags, leftover paper and chipboard pieces to cover them and a small piece of ribbon to tie them together.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

I Can't Adult Today - Mixed Media Card

Today I have a (reasonably) quick card for you using Flourish Frame Connie, a photo, some paper, paint and a little stamping.  Here's what we are aiming for today.

This is the frame I am going to use, make sure to give it a wipe down before starting to work with it.  I am also going to use one of these Marie Antoinette photos that I printed out.

Pop out any remaining bits from the frame before starting to paint it.

This time around I am using this Sunset Gold Jacquard Lumiere paint that I have had for forever and it never seems to run out!

Turns out I am also going to be using a lot of this Vintaj Patina in Bronze because it was clogged and I squeezed it really hard and well, I have all this to use now, instead of the little bit I had planned to use.  I knew that would happen so it's all good lol

Here's the frame all painted and left to dry while I work on some other elements.

I chose this photo with Marie in the pretty blue dress, and used the frame to draw around where I needed to cut the photo so it wouldn't show through.

Don't worry about that little white bit at the top, we will totally hide it with a sharpie and some paint splodges.

See, can't even see the join, now can you?  The frame was also given a touch up with the copious amounts of Bronze patina I mentioned above.

This lovely pink scrapbook paper by Maja Design is just perfect for that old wallpaper look to hang my painting on.

I don't really like to use paper untreated in some way, so I did a bit of sponging around the edges using the same Sunset Gold paint and also the Pearl Magenta in the same range.

Something is still needed to complete my card... ah yes a snarky sentiment from this stamp set perhaps.

And something to display it on, like this little plaque cut from this Spellbinders set.  I stamped on the sentiment using my Tim Holtz Stamp Platform and some Onyx Black Archival Ink, then used a little (very little) Antique Linen Distress Ink to make the white card less white.  When that was done, I edged the little plaque with some gold Icing Paste.

In case you felt like going in another direction with this card, here's another option - use something pretty like this LOVELY metallic diecut from Prima.

All that remained was to mount the card onto a card base and that's our finished card.

I hope you enjoyed this quick card tutorial and that it will inspire you to make your own cards or other projects using this lovely frame.

Till next time,


GSL products used - Flourish Frame Connie D6K

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Layers of Love

I’ve always loved the textures of vintage time worn carpets and the images of religious iconic bleeding hearts. These are the inspirations for this installment.
1.  Make copies of digital images of carpets, bleeding hearts, and Victorian Vignettes adjusting the sizes to fit onto GSLC Trading Coasters.   
2.  Paint edges of GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters with Art Deco Rust Painted Finishes.
3.  Glue carpets images to GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters.

4.  Cut and gently sand edges with sandpaper block.
5.  Paint edges again of GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters with Art Deco Rust Painted Finishes
6.  Coat GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters with Deco Art Triple Thick Glaze.
7.  Edge GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters with Rub ‘n Buff Autumn Gold.
8.  Glue Bleeding Heart Images to GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters.
9.   Cut and gently sand edges with sandpaper block
10.                 Add more Rub ‘N buff Autumn Gold to edges of GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters.
11.                Coat GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coaster with DecoArt One Step Crackle Finish.

12.                Antique hearts with a wash of water and black acrylic paint.
13.                Wrap GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters with red rayon thread securing with scotch tape then reseal with Art Deco Triple Thick Glaze.
14.                Wrap GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters with copper rayon thread securing with scotch tape then reseal with Art Deco Single Step Crackle Glaze.

15.                Once Dry add a tiny Victorian Vignette to each GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters.
16.                Layer GSLC 2.5 Inch Trading Coasters and GSLC 4 Inch Trading Coasters placing small pieces of Sarong Silk Ribbon between the layers securing with Weldbond.

17.                Use Metal Clamps to keep them tightly secured together.
 Some Final Thoughts.
To further the textures of the vintage carpets I added rayon threads and remnants of satin sarong ribbons.
The Sacred Heart symbolizes the deepest love that can exist in the Roman Catholic Practice. It is to symbolize Jesus Christ’s Actual Heart and His love for all of humanity. I find the images riveting and intriguing. May the layers portrayed in these art pieces comfort you and encourage you to acts of sacrificial love.


Supplies: Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-4 Inch Trading CoastersGypsy Soul Laser Cuts-2.5 Inch Trading Coasters, Digital Images of Vintage Carpets, Bleeding Hearts and Victorian Vignettes, Art Deco Rust Painted Finishes, Paintbrush, Weldbond, Scissors, Sandpaper Block, Art Deco Triple Thick  Glaze, Rub ‘n Buff Autumn Gold, Deco Art One Step Crackle Finish, Wash of Water and Black Acrylic Paint, Rayon Thread of Red and Copper, Scotch Tape, Sarong Silk Ribbon

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!