Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Perilous Pet

Happy Saturday, everyone! My project for today revolves around one of my favorite crafting themes... putting tiny train people in peril. I have done so many things to these little HO scale (1:87) figures over the years. They have been both zombified and chased by zombies. I even staged a crime scene on a mousetrap complete with a tiny forensic investigation team. When I saw this lifelike bearded dragon figure at Tractor Supply nestled in with their assorted farm animal toys, I knew it had to come home with me to play. 
I originally thought I would stage it in a Godzilla-type rampage scene but changed my mind when I saw the GSL Miniature Greenhouse With Stand.
A nice feature of this piece is the greenhouse can actually be used separately from it's stand if you like. I love the look of a wrought iron greenhouse so decided to paint the piece with black acrylic paint. The stand consists of a platform, four legs and four decorative skirt sections. 
Here's the stand glued together with tacky glue. I sat it upside down while the glue dried.
The shelf that fits in the bottom of the stand can be placed at any height you like. I thought the height of a spool of thread was perfect and used one to hold the shelf in place while the glue dried.
The awesome bearded dragon is sitting on a bed of newspapers that I shrunk down and printed then glued into place on the greenhouse floor. I selected the train figure from my stash that fit best in it's mouth and glued it in place.
The greenhouse has four walls that fit into the base. I just had to add the lizard, a small ceramic water dish and a piece of fern garland before gluing it to the stand.
The only thing left was to add a bit of Dresden trim around the greenhouse base and glue the two roof pieces into place. For the shelf, I made a tiny bearded dragon care manual from a miniature book and a printed cover image. The Bearded Dragon Treats consists of a glow in the dark worm stuffed inside a small corked bottle and a printed label. Lastly, there are a few more tiny people in a glass bottle. I included one with a rifle for self defense. I think she was originally part of a carnival shooting gallery set.
I may need to pick up another lizard for that rampage scene after all...
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Gypsy Soul Laser Items Used

Other Items Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Schleich bearded dragon figure
HO scale train figures
Printed images
Dresden trim
Mini glass bottles
Miniature book
Glow in the dark worm
Pottery dish
Fern garland

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