Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A little flower power.

I felt the need to make something cheerful and bright for my post for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for today. I suppose everyone knows how much I love playing with house shapes, so it's no surprise that I picked the House Room Box Four Cubbies!
My inspiration came from handling the pretty and delicate Posey Panel. I decided that I wanted to fill the house with pretty, cheerful flowers.
And here it is.
I love the bright magenta, purple, orange and teal on the vivid green house!
Here is where I began....
I assembled and glued my little House Room Box together.

I gave the inside of the House and the Posey Panel a good coat of white paint.

I cut and glued this pretty green paper on the roof and the outside of the house, covering the sides, back and bottom.

Using a hand drill, I put a hole in the center of the ridge vent on the roof of the house and set it aside.

After the paint dried on the Posey Panel, I cut each flower out and glued them on cloth covered florist wire. You can use any wire you have on hand...I used this because I had it and it's green.
I patched up the backs where needed with white paint.......

And went to town with color. After the first coat dried, I added detail with little dots of white (I used a Sharpie Poster Pen in white) and then with a bit of glue, added a couple of pretty beads to the flower stems. If you add leaves, be sure and glue them fairly high up (I glued mine to the back of the beads).

I bent the wires 90 degrees from the flower and cut them to a little less than an inch so that my flowers would fit into the house and sit just inside, but not on the edge.
In oder for them to be easily glued in place, I cut some leaf shapes from the green paper and glued them to the bent part of the 'flower stem'.

I then glued the whole thing into the cubbie.

I chose three of the larger flowers and glued them into the hole I drilled in my roof. After they dried completely, using wire cutters, I cut off the stems that were showing in the little attic.
I added some moss around the flowers at the top and in the attic. I nestled two sweet little birds in....one on top with the flowers and the other in the attic (These were beads I found in a string at the craft store). I added some leaves and a flower to the attic space to tie it in to the rest of the house.

As a final touch to the front of the house, I painted and glued on this cute little Petal Corners to the gable.

I added a flower and a Petal corner to the back of the house and some little dots for detail.
Make sure you paint the backs of your flowers as they show when you turn your house around!
Thank for stopping by!
House Room Box Four Cubbies
Posey Panel
Petal Corners

Additional Supplies:
Acrylic paint
White Dresden Trim
Bo Bunny Butterfly Kisses Scrapbook Paper
White Sharpie Poster Paint Marker
Bird Beads
Florist wire

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