Thursday, June 7, 2018

These folders are amazingly simple . . .

Graduations, bridal showers & weddings all seem to take place at the same time of year. And all mean lots of cards with money or gift certificates enclosed.

Enter . . . the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Tag Folder Small. I am in love with this mini project that will make any card pale in comparison. And if you have scrap paper (ha!) that's all you need to decorate this adorable folder.

Closed, the folder measures 5-1/4" tall X 3-3/8" wide.  Open, it offers 2 corner pockets (one on each side).

The beauty of GSLCuts designs is that they are not only pre-cut but pre-scored as well. For this folder, open the folder and fold the corner pockets on the dotted pre-scored lines.

If you're decorating the inside, it's easiest to cut the decorative paper and glue in place before gluing pockets down.

Add adhesive to the seam and fold over onto the inside page.  Repeat on the opposite side.

I clip mine until the glue dries.

Next, cut a 3" X 3" square. I usually use paper that is non-directional so that I get 2 pieces out of one square. Cut the 3" square diagonally once from one corner to the opposite corner.

Glue in place on the inside pockets.

I use ribbon for a closure. If you want to do the same, make sure to adhere the ribbon to the outside of the folder before adding decorative paper.

Cut decorative paper 3-1/4" wide X 5-5/8" tall and apply with adhesive to the front and back cover.

Decorate as desired.

For the folder picture above, I used Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts feathers: Simple Feathers and Feathers Shape Set. I first painted the feathers with white acrylic and then used bronze paint over that. Each feather was finished off with Prima's wax.

For the second folder, I layered scrap paper, added flowers and used Victorian Corners 2 to add some dimension and bling. The corner was painted with a light pink acrylic. I added wet glue to the top and dipped the corner in bling.

All that's left to do is insert a check or cash into the pockets.

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