Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Down the Rabbit Hole" - a Shadow Box by Linsey

Hello friends! Linsey here again with my third guest designer project. Today's theme is one of my all-time favorites, Alice In Wonderland!  GSLC carries some really fun "Alice" themed chipboard and I had a fabulous time creating with them. Now, it's time to follow the white rabbit, go through the keyhole and let your curiosity take you away into a magical wonderland where imagination is the limit! Don't be late!
I started with the House Shadow Box, first putting it together with a good wood glue, then painting all the edges in white chalky paint. Next I started "wallpapering" each room with different patterned papers in hot pink, black and white with pops of gold. Then I took several pieces from Alice In Wonderland Chipboard Silhouettes and Alice String Alongs, heat embossing each piece. Now, time for really fun part--decorating the rooms! Some of the silhouettes were positioned flat against the wall and some were propped forward for a 3D effect. Here's a close-up peek into each room.
The flower garden in Alice's dream...I painted the Art Deco Border & Corners chipboard black, then embossed them in clear, creating this cool shine on the garden "gate".
The white rabbit always carries his pocket watch on his ventures out, yet he's still running late! This little piece reads "follow after your bliss". Always a good reminder.
Do you remember the scene in the Disney movie where Alice has an encounter with a most talkative doorknob and end up going through the keyhole where she travels along the sea in a bottle? I chose a few pieces from the Keys & Plates Shape Set to create this little room.
Another of Alice's adventures I remember fondly was when she followed the white rabbit to his home and after eating a treat, grew so big, her arms and legs popped through the windows and her head came out the roof, causing much stress on poor white rabbit. Oh, dear Alice...curiosity always was your weakness.

Of course, I had to include the infamous Mad Hatter's Tea Party scene and it was super easy with a few chippies from the Alice In Wonderland Chipboard Silhouettes.  And a very merry un-birthday to you!
The caterpillar that Alice crosses paths with is another favorites scene. Here he is, doing what he does best.  A, E, I, O......
When Alice finally meets the Queen of Hearts, it's not exactly a sweet encounter. "Off with her head" doesn't leave a good first impression, am I right?
For the top room, I created a big clock using the Wood Medallions 1 and the Steampunk Shape Set. The Wooden Charm-Dream was also added and a couple more Alice themed chippies. The roof was designed using the 12x12 Texture Sheet-Diamonds. I cut in down to size and painted it black, then embossed in clear for the shine. It matches the garden gate and deco corners on the house.
And that completes our Adventure through wonderland! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share my project! I hope you are inspired to create your own magic today!

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