Friday, July 29, 2016

Prison Cell Completed!

Hey guys, Jess here with the final installment of the prison cell made from the Arched Room Box that you can find on Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts under the category "miniatures"

What I ended up doing was cutting off the tabs for the front arched piece, as you'll see below and I have it set up so that it actually fits snuggly inside, along with the foam walls I added. I did this so that I can either have the box set up *with*the arches, to give it more of a prison feeling, or I can have it set up without so that you can see all the little bits easier.

Here's the full view without the arched front.

Our prisoner is granted a burlap blanket, some reading material and a couple other things...

The prisoner has a pet mouse - because wouldn't you make friends with the mice if you were in prison. The mouse needs a name - anyone have any suggestions?

Hello little mouse!

Some books and scrolls stacked under his cot.

Our prisoner has tried to break-out through the sewers.

A reminder of past prisoners. The guards don't like to clean up.

Did you spot the key before this picture? Good catch! There's a reason the prison cell is empty!

His dinner cup and a scroll from 

Full view of the bed.

He's been in prison for 15 - days, weeks, months...or years?

Oberon Fields is actually the name of the main character of a book series I'm writing.

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