Friday, July 15, 2016

Prison Cell - Part Two

Hey guys, Jess here! Welcome back to the prison cell project. Last week we ended up here:
I finished up the walls and glued them in place.
Just to take a quick look at how things are going to turn out when the project is finished. It's here that I started having doubts about the tabs and keeping the project glued closed. You might notice as we go on from this point that I shaved off the tabs on the front piece. My plan is to hinge the front, so it can be swung open to better view the inside. I'm already running into issues with that, but things tend to work out in the end, so I remain hopeful. 

For the floor I wanted something more detailed than a traditional brick pattern, so I used a half circle method of laying down brick. I started on the left, worked my way right and then on the top layer I started right and worked left. Using my red pen, I pressed into my white foamcore to create the bricks.
Here's the floor in place when finished.

Here you can see a closer view of how the stones fit together.

For the front arches, I want it to have the look of a prison so I cut out tiny bits of the foamcore, like I did for the window inside and shaved each side of all of them. I hot glued them in place.

Here's the front finished with the bricks - I will warn you, all of the steps I did this week on the prison cell project are very time consuming. This is not a quick project. Put something on TV - binge watch a TV show on Netflix, because this is all tedious and takes forever - BUT - you will like how it turns out when it's finished.

These are bamboo skewers. They're the perfect diameter for prison bars and can easily be snipped with wire cutters or scissors.

Here's the bars on the back window. I stuffed them into the foam a bit and glued them to make sure they won't go anywhere.

I really like the shutters that GSLC makes because I can use them for so many things. Here, I'm using the GSLC shutters to create a grate in the cell. I cut the shutter and the bottom to fit the size I need.

Neatly cut, I use it as a stencil and trace it's shape into the floor.

Cut out the shape in the floor and add some hot glue (my weakness is having things dry quickly)

And then it sits nice and cozy in the floor, rather than sitting on top.

I love Poly Filla and use it for everything. In this project I use it to fill in gabs between the chip board and the foam.

Here's a quick look at the inside of the arch - it will only been seen if you open the project or peak through the back window.

I use my fingers to push the polly filla over the foam and chip board.

Fully filled in and waiting to dry.

Next week I'll show you all the steps I go through to pain the prison cell, so don't forget to check back!

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