Friday, July 22, 2016

Prison Cell - Part Three

Hey guys, Jess here to update you on the prison cell project. Last week we ended with finishing the floor and filling in with poly filla.

The longest part of painting a project is usually waiting for it to dry - especially when you're using several layers of washes which contain more water than paint. I had to begin by "black basing" the prison cell. I had to mix a small amount of black paint with lots of water so that it would drip into the crevices between each brick. Once dry, I had to add another 2-3 layers of the black wash.

The key for stone is layering and dry brushing grey paint.

Here's a dry brushed grey stone, but old stone isn't just grey, is it? It's got layers, it's brown and mossy and has more colour opportunities. So we go back to making various washes.

Green wash between the bricks to add a mossy look. Then I used a damp brush with just water on it to thin it and spread it out more fully.

Here you'll also see I clipped some of the bars on the back window to add more dimension to the project.

Here's the green mixed in more - we have more layering of washes to go - this process took me a full day to get right.

Here you can see the layers of brown washes, green washes and then a muddying of the two together to get the stone to look older and more well worn.

I use jewelry wire to push through the foam as something to hold the chain you'll see below.

I carved the mattress and wood base out of one solid piece of pink foam. I took a nail file to it to indent it and make it look more like an old mattress. On the wall here you'll also see foam painted to look like wood that I've pushed jewelry wire through so that I can attach jewelry chain to, as seen below: 

I got this chain from Dollar Tree and it works perfectly in scale for 1:12 chain. This is used to "hold up" the bed.

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