Friday, July 1, 2016

Rotten Smelly Dragon Jars

This wasn't the tutorial I had planned. A string of unfortunate events led to my planned project to sit in a state of disrepair.

What's a girl to do? Scramble!

I came up with these rotten smelly dragon jars about a week ago and was planning a tutorial in the future, but circumstances put a 'RUSH' on those plans.

The Dragons Shape Set used is pretty handy. There are two designs in three sizes so you can create a both quart and pint sized jars with just one set. The wings need to be bent to fit them in the jar, but they are sturdy things and will survive the ordeal.


The jars are made using a different technique than the fairy lanterns and, believe it or not, I haven't even added lights to these.

Those shadows are entirely from backlighting the jar. Pop them up on a window sill, or in front of a light, and you should see your small smelly dragon in it's stinky jar!

Now, I know that people are going to say they want to use these as nightlights, but really, dragons like their sleep and dark places. Best to let them rest at night rather than keep them up past their bedtime.

Below you'll find how to make these terrible things. Just a couple of additional notes first:

• To soften the streaks/drips you'll want to mist with water while still wet
• Apply several layers of brown wash to get a really dirty grimy look

• Why add glitter? It adds texture and give the paint something to grip. Plus, a little sparkle isn't a bad thing. But if you want to skip this part, go ahead.

Inspired to make your own dragon jars? Be sure to tag me when you show them off. If you try your hand at this project for your own blog, be sure to link back and gimme a shout out, please and thank-you!

If you're inspired to make your own dragon jars, be sure to tag me and Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts when you show them off. If you try your hand at this project for your own blog, be sure to link back and give us a shout out, please and thank-you!

Finally, here's what you'll need to make them:
Acrylic paint
Clear glitter
White glue
FlowerSoft-Ultra Fine *optional*
Charms & embellishments

P.S. Once again, a note about fire safety. DO NOT put live flame candles in these jars. I like you, you're a good egg and I don't want to see you hurt.