Thursday, January 7, 2016

Treasured Memories Keepsake Split Front Box

Hello, everyone!  Barbara here with my first project of the year for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  I am so excited about the new products offered, and this is one of them.  It is called a Split Front Box, and it is fabulous.  It is a good size, 9"x7", made of strong chipboard, and would be perfect for storing your craft materials, housing a beautiful mini album, or even for gift giving.  The choice is yours.

There are basically two parts to this box.  The first part if the box itself.  I like to lay the chipboard out the way it will be glued together.  
I chose a pretty collection of scrapbook papers from Prima to cover the box.  I measured each section, cut the papers to fit, making sure not to cover the dove tails on the box, and ran each piece through my Xyron machine.  You could also use any glue to adhere the papers.
Turn the pieces over and cover the outside of the box in the same manner.  However, do not cover the outside bottom of the box yet.
Glue the box together.  I like to use a fast grabbing tacky glue for this purpose.  
One thing I forgot to do when measuring my paper to cover the outside of the box.  As you can see in the photo below, I did not measure the paper to cover the dovetail joins for the outside of the box.  I recommend measuring and cutting your outside paper after you cover the inside and glue the box together. 
If you forget, as I did, that is okay.  You can add border strips, ribbon, paper, etc., or even paint the edges.  There are so many options to take advantage of, so don't fret.   Do not cover the bottom of the box yet.  
The second part of the box is the two top halves.  Again, I laid it out as it will be glued together, and this time, I only measured my paper for the inside. Again, leave the dovetails free of paper so they will fit securely together.  
Glue the top pieces together.  They should look like this.
Lay the two top pieces over the top of the box and carefully turn the box upside down.
To make a hinge for the top pieces, cut two strips of card stock or Tyvek to 6-5/8" long by 2" wide.  I prefer using Tyvek because it is pretty much indestructible, and simply will not tear.   (Save those priority mail envelopes you get in the mail.)  Fold strips in half and use a white glue to adhere them along the bottom edge of the box, as shown.  
Now we can cover the outside of the box.  This time, we will measure each side so we can cover the dovetail joins.  When covering the short sides of the box tops, wrap extra card stock around to the bottom, over the Tyvek hinges, for added support.  

Another option would be to use metal hinges to hinge the top to the bottom.  It's so versatile and easy to make it your own.
After covering the outside of the box top, I used a sanding block to sand and distress all of the edges.  I like how the white edge shows and gives that worn look.
Next, I added some off-white paint to those edges that I forgot to cover with paper.  I tried to make it look similar to the distressed paper edges.
Here is a picture of the top of the box covered with paper.
And here is how the box looks when the two top halves are open.
And a view of the bottom of the box.  Cut your papers to add the best decorative elements from them.
But don't stop there.  Let's add some chipboard elements to give it dimension and added pizazz!

After adding some of the matching 3x4 journal cards and tags from the paper collection (right side), I added a card stock doily, flowers, and a butterfly.  I also adhered the "Treasured" banner below the journal cards.

On the left side, I added " Memories" , a label with a pearl jewelry piece, and two dragonflies with swirly pearls gem stickers.  I left the chipboard in its natural state.  I love how it matches the colors in the paper.

For the sides, I cut pieces of chainlink and adhered to each side, as shown.  A dragonfly was added to one side. 
butterfly was added to this side.
Here are some pictures of the sides of the box.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Supplies used:
Other Supplies used:
Scrapbook paper
Fast grab glue
Flowers and various embellishments from my stash

This is such a lovely box, and the best part is that you can make it to your very own taste.  What will you keep in your box, love letters, ephemera, receipts, note paper, stationery?  The possibilities are endless.  

I hope you enjoyed my project today and are inspired to make one for yourself or a special friend.  Be sure to visit the blog for daily inspiration, and the shop to see all of the latest and greatest laser cut chipboard around.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a creative week!