Saturday, January 9, 2016

Planner Charms from Shanna

Hello to all you lovelies. Shanna here and I recently decided to acquire one of those nice planners. I have noticed charms for planners were a great idea. So I pulled out some of my favorite chipboard pieces and gave it a go. 

 As you can see I painted them to sort of match the planner and give them a rusty look. However wait until you see the fronts.
I also had so much fun turning these new charms into pieces I can latch on my my planners (I actually have 2 nice ones now). 

Each got painted with some Distress paint and some treated with Crackle Accents. 

Now for the main event, I couldn't help but play with my Ice Resin and glitter to put some motivation to see daily. 

Here you can see the pop of the white paint and the sparkle of the glitter. 
I am however not happy that my black glitter didn't pop like my gold glitter. So WARNING don't use black glitter!

Loving my steampunk theme though I used some rusty teal gears and a boat propeller!

So what I used were:
Wooden Charm - Star Large (currently out of stock)

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