Friday, January 1, 2016

Fairy Godmother Travelling Sales Wagon

There's a special place in my heart for fairy godmothers. Those fluttery, frilly, silly ladies make me positively giddy. I've often wondered where they get their godmotherly supplies from. Is there a shop? A fancy boutique? A traveling salesman!

And so this month I've created a tiny traveling sales wagon for magical and glittery godmother paraphernalia.

The base is a square shrine shadowbox to which I have added 1 inch Fancy Wheels Wheels. I've also added Floral and Lace border sticks for some flourish. A small chipboard crest heralds potential customers to the godmotherly goods.

The wee sign reads "PrĂ©ciosites", a term I came across when doing some godmotherly research. *It is a French literary style born from the lively conversations and playful word games of witty and educated intellectual ladies from 17th century France... they also happened to retell fairy tales. *according to the Wiki page anywho

Inside the wagon, all manner of items required for godmotherly duties. Fairy dust, candy, pumpkins to turn into carriages.

Absinthe and stout to whet the pallet, magical books, tiny sparkly shoes, wooden wands and wishing stars (and a few butterflies for good measure).

If you'd like to create your own version of this wee travelling sales-fairy wagon, you can check out the video walk-through for this project HERE.

Don't limit yourself to Fairy Godmothers! If goblins are more up your ally, go for it! What about baby bits and bobs for a sweet shower gift? Really, you could pick any theme and make your very own unique version of this project.

Here are a list of supplies I used:

Square Shrine Shadowbox
1 inch Fancy Wheels
Floral and Lace border sticks
Mini Crest Signs

Scrapbook paper (I used Forget-Me-Not from Lemoncraft)
Misc Fairy Godmother Goods such as:
stars, bottles, flowers, pumpkins, wings, fairy dust, wee books or whatever you can dream up!

Psst, here's a graphic you can use in your own piece.
For personal use only or I'll turn you into a toad ;)