Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tiny Travel Treasures

Happy Saturday, everyone! Connie here with a project near and dear to my heart. My husband and I just returned from a fabulous cruise vacation that spanned 26 countries. I picked up tiny bits and bobs along the way and knew exactly how I would showcase them... in a GSL Bookcase 1 to 12.
The bookcase came together super fast. Here are the pieces laid out just prior to assembly.
I painted it with black acrylic paint and decided on a nice neutral gray paper from Tim Holtz for the back wall. I painted around where the paper would be adhered so the seams wouldn't show. 
The paper was glued in place then the entire piece was assembled using tacky glue and set aside to dry.

I added our cruise map to the top shelf along with a commemorative pin we received during our travels.  On the second shelf I adhered a piece of the business card from the cooking school we attended in Thailand. Next was a miniature aboriginal-style painting I made and finally the entrance pass we received while visiting the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. 
The only thing left to do was glue in place our treasures, which included brass miniatures from Sri Lanka, a tiny pitcher I picked up in Malaysia, some coral and shells from the South Pacific and a miniature rhino.
More brass, a guinea hen feather from Kenya, a tiny natural history book, a shark vertebrae from Fanning Island and a seed pod from Australia.
 This is a great way to keep some tiny memories at hand, instead of in a box somewhere.  
Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Products Used
Tacky glue
Black acrylic paint
Tim Holtz neutral gray scrapbook paper
Travel treasures

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  1. This is lovely and a total treasure trove how nice to have this as a remembrance of your incredible journey and adventure!! You always make the cutest miniature arangements. Your house must look like a museum