Saturday, March 9, 2019

Store Ephemera Where You Will Use Them by Betsy Skagen

There's a good chance you have a lot of ephemera. I do too. However, I have it stored away in so many different places and in so many boxes, that I often can't find it when I am in the middle of a project.

To combat this problem, I made a desktop ephemera storage box. While it certainly can't hold all my ephemera, I can keep it filled with different odds and ends that I can use in upcoming projects. This is especially helpful for those of you who like to make junk journals and art planners. What's more, it makes for some fun eye candy.

Tutorial How to Make the Ephemera Storage Box

Begin by loosely putting together the Memory Keeping Organizer just so you can see what goes where. Because there are so many dividers, this could be confusing to assemble without any guidance. Thankfully, you can download instructions when you order this box.
Next, one piece at a time, place a strong adhesive (I like Beacon Fabri-Tac for projects like these) on both sides of the tabs and begin assembling the interior of the box. 
Continue this process until you have the interior completely constructed.
Add each of the four box sides, again using a strong adhesive on each side of the tabs. Once it is fully assembled and the glue has dried, cover the box with a spray primer. After the primer dries, paint the box with dark brown spray paint.
Trace each side of the exterior of the box onto decorative cardstock, cut out and use matte medium adhere to the box sides. Because two of the sides are longer than 12", you will need to splice paper together. After all the paper is adhered, cover the box with two coats of matte medium. This will strengthen and protect the box so it lasts for years to come. 
Use ink or paint to brown the edges of the tabbed dividers. Trace the dividers onto decorative cardstock, cut out and adhere to both sides of all the dividers with matte medium. 
Ink the edges of the the dividers with brown ink.
Cut out words from a vintage book, ink the edges and adhere to the tabs to create fun nonsensical labels. 
Use rubber stamps and ink to add further interest to your dividers.
Coat each of the dividers with matte medium to protect them from wear and tear. 

Perhaps you are wondering if a storage container made from chipboard is strong enough to handle everyday use. I can assure you that you don't need to worry as long as you put enough protective sealer on it. I have made several of Gypsy Soul's boxes. One I made four years ago gets used on a daily basis since I store my go-to art supplies in it. sits on my art table. It looks as good as the day I made it. 
All that is left to do is fill up your new storage container with your favorite goodies and enjoy! -Betsy

Great Stuff

Memory Keeping Organizer
Memory Keeping Large Dividers
Memory Keeping Small Dividers
Beacon Fabri-Tac
Brown spray paint
Decorative cardstock
Paper Artsy Stamps
Seth Apter Stamps
Vintage Photo and Peacock Feathers distressed inks
Matte medium


  1. Really beautiful. I’ve nevef used any of the larger storage pieces but wabt to try one day. Great inspiration

    1. Thanks Jon. I really love Gina's storage pieces. They are so sturdy and last forever.