Sunday, March 31, 2019

Easter Flower Cart

Hi folks its Angela here with you today with an Easter project.

I laid out the pieces of the Flower Cart to wipe them off (being laser cut you can get a little black sometimes as the laser burns through the material and causes soot)

This step also helps you to determine which bit goes where. I then painted all the pieces with Mowed Lawn distress paint.

Once painted I assembled to cart - ensuring the side pieces were in the correct way round, this picture shows the side piece with the handle off to the right.

Once assembled I touched up the bits where the tabs were with a paint brush.

I then chose which flowers I was going to use from the Flower Stackers (yours will come shipped as a sheet and it is easier to paint them before taking them out) I used several different distress paints to paint them, no need for gesso as the paint covers nicely.

I used the largest eggs from the Easter Egg set and applied Gesso to these as I wanted to paint them with lighter coloured Silk paints so I needed a white undercoat. Once covered I used a pokey tool to get the Gesso and paint out of the holes in the pattern on the eggs.

I glued the eggs onto plastic eggs as I want to put something inside them for Easter. The flowers are glued onto coffee stirrers (from a well known establishment) that I painted with the mowed lawn distress paint. I shaped the flowers slightly before gluing them together to give them a bit of dimension. I used a really dense foam block in the bottom of the cart to put my flower "stems" into and then I covered this with shredded crepe paper so you don't see the ugly foam.

Here is a close up of the flowers and eggs.

I hope you like my project and might think about making one yourself.

Supplies used:

Flower Cart

Decorative Eggs

Flower Stackers

Distress Paint 
ColorArte Silk paints
Plastic eggs
Felt bunnies


  1. Super cute and magical. Perfect for the season

  2. This would make a great springtime centerpiece. Nicely done.