Thursday, August 24, 2017

Upcycled Vanity Box

Hi everyone!  Barbara here today on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog with a fun and easy upcycle project.

I saved this box that once contained a tall coffee cup because it seemed nice and sturdy.

I have a pretty wire shelf on my vanity in my bathroom, where I keep ugly pill bottles and other commercial products with not-very-pretty labels.  So I started storing them in this box, which is the exact size I needed for my shelf.  I've been wanting to decorate it to fit my bathroom colors, and found this beautiful paper from Prima's French Riviera paper collection.  So, I covered the outside of the box first, wrapping the pretty paper over the top edge.

Next, I found this solid paper I've had in my stash that I purchased years ago from Target.  The color was a perfect match, so I cut it to size to fit the inside.  (Measurements were not given as it will depend on the size box you have on hand.)  Now it is completely covered and ready for the embellishing. 

But, at this time, it is a good idea to brush on a matte varnish over the papers.  I used DecoArt Ultra Matte Varnish.  This will protect them from anything wet that may get dropped or splashed on your box.  You can also use a glossy varnish for a different look.  This is, of course, optional, depending on whether or not you plan on putting it in a more wet environment.

Make yourself a template from a piece of scrap paper.  Cut it to the same size as the shorter side of the box, fold the paper in half to mark center.  Use a ruler to measure 1" down from the top  of the paper, center the handle at the fold, and align top of handle with the edge of the ruler.  Mark holes with a pencil.

Align the template with the top of the box and centered.  Use an awl to punch the holes, where needed. 

Do this for both sides and attach handles with the brads.

Since I attached the handles after covering the box with paper, the brad prongs show inside.  If you don't like that, you can punch small circles of the same paper and glue over the prongs.

Choose one of the Stackable Labels and use the top piece to fit a computer-generated "Articles de toilette" onto a scrap of the solid paper.  I looked it up and that is French for "toiletries".  I thought it sounded better.

Cut the paper out and adhere to the top piece.  I  like to use an emery board to neaten the paper edges.

Paint the bottom part of the label with Lilac chalk paint.  Next, dry brush the  Rustic chalk paint over the edges, as shown.  If you put too much of the Rustic paint on, dry brush  another coat using the Lilac paint again.

I chose two of the birds from the Bird on Branch Assortment to fit on either side of the label.  First,  paint the birds with the DecoArt Vintage chalk paint, the branches with the Rustic chalk paint, and the leaves with Spanish Moss chalk paint.  I used the Inktense pencils to add details to the bird and leaves.

Adhere the label and bird pieces to one of the longer sides of the box, as shown.

For the opposite side, I chose to use the Flower Leaves Flourish.  I used a ruler to center the piece, but you could also just eyeball it. 

I also used a couple pieces of washi  tape to hold it in place while I traced inside each opening with a pencil.

Remove chipboard and paint traced areas with a coat of white gesso or white paint.  Let dry.

Paint over the gesso, painting the leaves with Spanish Moss, the flower petals with Lilac, and the flower center with Vintage Mustard chalk paints.  You should have something that looks like this.

And now is a good time to check your work.  Lay the chipboard piece over the painted areas and see if you have full coverage inside the openings.  If not, fill them in with the appropriate color now.  You can see I have a few spots that need a slight touchup.

Paint the flower with the Twinks Terracotta Rose, the leaves with Golden Jade, and the flower center with Sunflower.  Let dry.

Once you get the areas painted to your satisfaction. paint the chipboard with DecoArt Timeless chalk paint.

Dab ColourArte Solar Gold over the chipboard and dry with heat tool, or let it dry naturally.

Now add glue to the back and adhere chipboard over painted flowers and leaves.  Be sure to add the glue to the correct side, otherwise it will not match up with the painted design because it is not symmetrical.

Supplies Used:

GSL Stackable Labels Shape Set
GSL Bird on Branch Assortment
GSL Flower Leaves Flourish (coming soon)
FolkArt Chalk Paint (Spanish Moss, Lilac, Vintage Mustard)
DecoArt Chalk Paint (Rustic, Vintage, Timeless)
DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Varnish
ColourArte Twinkling H20s (Golden Jade, Terracotta Rose, Sunflower)
ColourArte Radiant Rain Dauber (Solar Gold)
Prima Tales of You and Me paper collection
Olive Green/Pale Green Double-Sided Paper (Target)
Aleene's Quick Grab Tacky Glue
Assorted Brushes

I hope you enjoyed this upcycle project.  Just think, with Christmas just around the corner, wouldn't something like this make a wonderful gift?  Check out the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts online shop for more chipboard to personalize your box, whether for yourself or as a gift.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful, craft-filled week.


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