Thursday, August 17, 2017

A new collaboration from Gina Hubbard and Nancy Wethington . . .

News from Nancy Wethington:

Gina and I are partners on a new endeavor: pre-cut mini-books. Not sure if you know this about Gina but she is a genius - at least in my book. She can figure the dimensions of a new design in a minute (something that completely baffles me) and have it on the laser in no time at all.

She constructs inter-active mini-book pages without even thinking about them. There aren't many people who can do what she does - think in both her right brain and left brain at the same time.

Gina loves constructing the pages to mini-books but not necessarily decorating them. That's where I come in. I love the decorating.

So together we bring you . . . Our first mini-book
Book #1: Fairies

Purchase this in one of two ways:

PDF instructions with photos


pre-cut mini-book pages with PDF instructions.
Pre-cut pages available in either black or kraft cardstock.

Our book #1: Fairies is 
8.5" tall X 6.75" wide with a 3.5" spine.

You supply your own paper and embellishments.

Want to see the inside? Here's a link to the mini-book:

To order either the pre-cut pages

or the PDF instruction sheets only

go here:

This book was decorated with (mostly) 49&Market papers and the following Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts: 

On the cover I used . . .

Next month: Book #2: Botanicals. Stay tuned!

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