Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Mid-Century Modern Memento Album by Betsy Skagen

A talented friend of mine has taken on the challenge of giving her entire house a Mid-Century Modern updo with only inexpensive secondhand goods. 

Her ingenuity impressed me so much that I thought she should memorialize her project with a mini album. As a surprise for her, I made this little album so she could paste in before and after pictures, make notes of her awesome estate sale finds and even add in inspiration and ideas from magazines. 

The best part about this project is that I was able to do something nice for a friend, without going to a lot of cost or time. 

To make your own Mid-Century Modern Album, begin with an empty spiral bound album.
Cover the front and back with a coat of white acrylic paint. 
Apply Molding Paste to the front through a stencil with repeating shapes. As you can see from my photo, there are inherent dangers in working in the great outdoors. After the paste dries, repeat with another stencil on the back cover. 
While the paste is drying, paint the Mixed Media Fragments Retro with assorted colors (preferably following Mid-Century color palettes).
Give the front and back cover, including the raised stencil surfaces, another coat of white paint. After it dries, paint the raised stencil surfaces in another color. 

Adhere the Mixed Media Fragments and translucent Dew Drops to the front and back covers. 

Use your computer to design a title graphic for your album. Print and adhere to the cover. Outline the edges of your Mixed Media Fragments in a darker shade. I used Distress Markers to do this. 
Add Atomic Atomburst and Atomic Coordination paper to the inside front and back cover. 
That's all there is to making this quick and easy book. 

Great Stuff

7gypsies blank album
Acrylic paint
Tim Holtz Distress Markers
Beacon Adhesive

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