Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Early for Christmas

Hello everyone, I have started to make my Christmas cards so I decided to make one using
Gypsy soul laser cuts goodies as you can see below.

First of all I decided on the design of the card and which items to use. I decided on these small Christmas charms, which will be coming to the store very soon, and the words from 10 words which fitted into the squares perfectly.

I decided to cover the charms with patterned paper rather than just paint them, so I got some Christmassy paper from my stash, cut pieces slightly larger than the charms, stuck the charm to the back of the paper and filed the edges for a perfect fit.

I did this with three of the charms on both sides then painted round the outside of the edges with red paint because the charms are quite thick and brown. 
I then threaded twine through the holes in the charms and tied a bow round the top, arranging the charms to hang in different places.

I thought that the plain card looked a bit bland to add the charms to so I embossed a piece of card the same size as the original which is 7 x 5 inches, using creative expressions A4 embossing folder, contemporary poinsettias and stuck this onto the card.
I stuck the back of the ribbon near the top left hand side of the card so  that the ends of  the twine came to the top, then I started on the words side.

I chose hope, love and joy because I thought that these were suitable for Christmas, but of course you can use any words that you want to, and I painted them red, then left to dry. I then cut three pieces of white card measuring 2 x 2 inches each and stuck these to a slightly larger square of red card with scalloped edges, so that the scalloped edge just shows round the outside. Mine measured 2 1/4 inch square and these just fitted down the length of the card nicely.

I added two pieces of 2mm thick double sided tape to  the back of the card, but before I stuck this to the main card I stuck the words onto the white front, then I stuck the three squares with the words on down the right hand side of the front of the card, and that is the card finished.

The little Christmas charms can be put onto a Christmas tree as they are covered both front and back with the patterned paper and hang loose from the card, or you could use one large bauble on the left hand side, which again could be used for a decoration.
I think that I will be doing other variations of this card as there are so many Gypsy Soul laser cut items that can be used, and I hope that I have inspired some of you to have a go and make a similar card for that special someone.

Gypsy Soul Laser Items used:

Christmas charms (coming soon)
10 words 

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