Saturday, July 7, 2018

Honeydukes Display

The GSL Small Trinket Shelf Stand (coming soon) can be used to showcase all manner of tiny collections and themes. It's just perfect to decorate as a shop display and what shop is more fun than the Honeydukes Sweet Shop from Harry Potter? Let me take you through how it was done.
The piece is simple to put together. It has the back, two sides and four shelves.
Here are the pieces that assemble into the drawer that goes in the bottom of the shelf. I chose a small brad to use for the drawer handle.
Before gluing anything together, I painted the piece (except for the rear slot where the drawer goes) with teal acrylic paint.
Once it's glued together, all I had to do was a few touch ups. The sweet pink striped paper I selected for the shelves is from Graphic 45's Botanical Tea collection.
Now to fill the shelves! I started with polymer clay cane slices. You can sometimes find these in beauty supply stores in the nail art section. These came from Amazon.
I have a stash of small glass bottles I've collected over the years, many from dollar stores. The ones you see here with colorful shapes inside came from Dollar Tree. They are found in their nail polish section and were 8 for $1. What a bargain! 
For this project, I selected some I thought already looked like they had candies inside and just replaced the plastic stopper with something fancy. For that, I glued pearlized straight pins inside of metal beads with a dot of E6000. Once the glue was dried, I simply snipped off the pin shank with wire cutters.
Here is what they look like assembled. The larger Pink Coconut Ice jar contains a mixture of pink and white nail glitter. All of the labels for this project were found online. 
 I made the licorice wands and rainbow candy canes out of polymer clay.

The acid pops are balls of green polymer clay baked onto wire 'sticks' then rolled in glue and green glitter.
I had a few tall glass bottles and decided to layer a few alternating colors of microbeads inside. They look fancy.
Sugar skulls! So simple to make. Skull beads are coated in tacky glue, rolled in micro fine glitter and glued onto a bead. Their base is a scrabble tile covered with a paper scrap and a printed label.
I made a few display boxes from paper scraps lined with felt. The one on the left has white chocolate owls and poly clay cane heart slices. A dear friend sent me both the owl and frog molds I used in this project. She used silicon mold putty, an owl bead and a tiny Lego frog. So clever! The box on the right contains cauldron cakes made from polymer clay and microbeads.
Here's the top shelf all glued into place.  Polymer clay chocolate frogs are everywhere!
The middle shelf holds the rainbow candy jars. I added a few leaf beads that remind me of hard candy onto a miniature ceramic dish. Have a look around in your craft stash, you might be surprised what reminds you of tiny candy! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Gypsy Soul Items Used
Small Trinket Shelf Stand (coming soon)
Other Items Used
Tacky glue for stand assembly
E6000 glue
Acrylic paint
Graphic 45's Botanical Tea
Printed images
Miniature glass bottles
Skull beads
Scrabble tiles
Pearlized straight pins
Polymer clay
Polymer clay nail art canes


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