Friday, July 13, 2018

Sparkly goodness

Today I have created a new card with the Flourished Frame piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

This is a delicate piece, so I wanted to make sure that it remained the main focus of the card. To achieve this, I first coated the chipboatd in gesso, and then I poured over this glitter mix that I have had in my stash for the longest time, waiting for just the right project. I knew it would blend in nicely with my background papers. The mix appears to be a combination of glitter, embossing powder, and some gritty flakes I'm not sure what they are, but they added some great texture to the piece. To really make the piece pop, I literally lifted it off the page. While these chipboard frames are sturdy and will stand up to lots of layers, they are also somewhat flexible, allowing me to create this three dimensional effect. I simply adhered it to he background, using only the side pieces and gently pushed the piece into a curved shape and held it that way while the glue set.

Next up, I used a smaller Flourished Frame called Cindy. This is also a delicate frame, but quite a different design offering some contrast to the main piece. I coated this in a glitter mix also, but in clear/silver. The two together remind me of a sparkling tiara.

Finally, I added some flowers to the base of the card, but rather than over the frame as I often do, I tucked them into the space created by the curved frame, further exaggerating the way that the frame sits up off the card. This photo is taken from the bottom of the card, so show the way the frame is curved onto the card.

At first glance, this card looks far fancier and therefore trickier than it really is. In actual fact, there is little to it, yet it makes a big impact, thanks to the dimension.

Flourished Frame - Deco frame 6" Coming soon

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