Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rusty hinges . . .

I've been playing with rust a lot lately. It always looked so difficult to achieve but once I started dabbling with it, it's quite easy.

Here's what I've used:

After choosing a GSL Mixed Media Fragment for my base, I pounced some Vintage Photo brown ink on top of the naked chipboard. 

Then added some Dirty Sand embossing powder while the ink was still a bit wet. Set with a heat gun and on to the hinges.

Using a small brush, I added some Prima Rust Effect Paste onto the chipboard. While that was still a bit wet, I sparsely added some Chunky Rust embossing powder and heat set everything.

I wanted to use another hinge on an inside page. After adding some Rust Effect Paste to the edges of the chipboard hinge, I sprinkled on some Chunky Rust and Patina Oxide. Don't mix these colors. Use sparingly. I use a teeny tiny spoon to get the embossing powder in the places I want.

Heat set all.

Next, I use Metallique Wax Red Amber and, using my finger, smear a bit on the upper edge.

Hope you get a chance to show your own rusty bits.
Thanks for following along.

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