Monday, July 30, 2018

Chip Clips for the planner folks.

Hi folks, Angela here with a quick project for you.

I have a MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planner that I use on a daily basis and the Chip Clips Assortment in the store are just the perfect accessory for marking those important pages.

I wanted to show you just how alterable the chipboard is, by using various different methods of decoration.

The first thing I did was to coat the ones I wanted to use in a couple of layers of gesso on both sides.

Next I took some washi tape (you know, the stuff you purchased because you thought it looked great and its been sat around for a year and a half) and covered one side of a clip. I then took a sharp knife and cut around using the chipboard as my guide. I then repeated the process on the other side.

Three of my clips got the washi tape treatment the one below was some fabric tape and then I popped on some stick on pearls. Here is a tip - if you use anything that will stick above the surface, then only use them on 1 side of your clip or you will have difficulty actually getting the clip to stay on.

The next clip I decorated was done with embossing powder. I used a sticky ink pad (in my case Perfect Medium by Ranger) and pressed the clip into it, then I put it onto a folded piece of scrap paper and coated it with embossing powder.

I heat set this side and then did the same to the other side. You need to make sure you do this on a non stick surface because as you heat the second side, your embossing on the first side will melt too, and may stick to whatever you have it on.

I then added some stick on gems to this one as you will see in the final picture.

Next up I used tarnished brass distress paint to coat both sides of another clip, once that was dry I applied a coat of Crackle Accents. I set it to one side to dry (whilst I made one of the other clips) and then coated the other side.

This next clip happened more by accident than planning but I love it. I coloured it with a copper metallic Sharpie pen, then I added a coat of Glossy Accents into which I sprinkled some Rock Candy Distress Glitter. When it was dry it still looked a bit "flat" so I applied another coat of Glossy accents and set it to one side to dry, whilst I made another clip. The other clip involved some rub-ons (another of those impulse buys that have sat around for ages) and as I was applying them I managed to place the other end of the rub-on sheet against this clip. As you can imagine, it wasn't quite dry and the rub-ons stuck! Well I was so pleased with how it looked I decided to apply more. This is how it looks on the page of my planner, unfortunately my picture doesn't show the sparkle from the glitter but believe me it IS there.

The next clip is the one that was MEANT to have the rub-ons. I coloured this one with 2 layers of Permapaque Pen (by Sakura) - I used 2 coats as I prefer the deeper purple. I then used the white Permapaque pen to write on once the purple was dry. I did have to do this several times to get a good white title. I then applied the rub-ons.

Here it is on the planner page.

The other Star clip was done with Washi tape and then Enamel Accents on the points. The Make it Happen clip was coloured with a Pentel Gold pen and then the saying was from a Tim Holtz' book of stickers called "Small Talk".

I hope this shows you that the chipboard can be coated in quite a few different mediums depending on the look you require.

Supplies Used

Chip Clips Assortment

Fancy Pants Rub-Ons
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Stickers - Small talk
Sakura Permapaque Pens
Distress Paint
Pentel Pen
Crackle Accents, Glossy Accents and Enamel Accents by InkEssentials
Nuvo Embossing Powder by Tonic

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