Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dragon Diorama Suncatcher

In my "Dreaming of Dragons" tutorial I introduced you to an  illustration by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale titled "Knight Carrying Child" that plays a prominent place in my medieval inspired bathroom décor. There is another illustration that is part of this medieval décor from Free Fall, by David Wiesner. I've included an image below, it is the inspiration for this project.

1.   Separate Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Ornaments, careful not to lose tiny plastic trays that are crucial for this project. 
2.  Choose the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Miniature Dragons you will be using  for these dragon Dioramas.
3.  Use plastic pallet knife and a small stencil to add dainty details of Ferro Textured Paint to the dragons.
4.  Be sure to texture both sides as both will be seen when project is finished.
5.  Once Textured Paint is dry paint dragons using a variety of metallic acrylic paints-I used shades of blue, green, and purple.
6. Use a stamp of your choosing and permanent ink to add further details to your dragons.
8.  Add distressing and interest using DecoArt Americana Chocolate  and FolkArt Copper acrylic paints.
9.  Glue together inserting the tiny plastic tray from GSLC ornament kit using Weldbond.
10.                Allow to dry completely and weighted. 
11.                Once dry, cover the area you will be placing your dioramas with a piece of a trash bag for additional protection in case any ice resin seeps through the plastic tray.
12.                Now carefully mix Ice Resin following directions on bottles. Be sure to wear protective rubber gloves as the resin is very caustic.
13.                Place GSLC Miniature Dragons where you'd like them. It is ok if they do not fit entirely inside of the ornament.
14.                Gently Pour Ice Resin into dioramas slowly assuring it gets to all edges and no bubbles appear. If part of your dragon is outside of the small plastic tray use a paintbrush to carefully cover it now with the ice resin.
15.                Cover your dioramas with an item of your choosing so that dust and other debris does not contaminate your project.
16.                If possible pull a light close to the covered diorama as this will help the Ice Resin Cure more evenly.
17.  Follow directions and wait for your dioramas to cure.
18.  Here I go again not willing to stop with the ordinary design but wanting to make it extraordinary.
19.  Patina Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Small Gate from the set using  Versa Mark and Ice Resin Iced Chartreuse, Tarnished Bronze and Torched Copper Enamels
20.  Cure with a heating tool.
21.  Add distressing and interest using DecoArt Americana Chocolate  and FolkArt Copper acrylic paints.
22.  Use Ice Resin as instructed above to paint onto GSLC gate to give it added structure.
23.  Once dried fully after 3 days begin to assemble your dragon diorama suncatcher.
24.  Cut vintage rusted barbed wire into two sections one 12 inches, the other 8 inches-Could use twigs or other items.
25.  Cut two 2 foot lengths of the bare copper wires, fold them in half.
26.                Use pencil to wrap wire around three times to create a loop with both wires twisting about three times.
27. Place onto top piece of barbed wire you marked with a white pencil. 
28.                Tighten to barbed wire use flat nose pliers gently as not to break delicate wire.29.                Keep twisting wires on both sides around each other until you are below the GSLC gate
30.                Attach second section of rusted barbed wire or cool twig. Tighten it carefully using flat nose pliers on both sides.
31.                Cut leaving twisted part of wire hanging below barbed wire.
32.                Use chain nose pliers to carefully push twisted ends of wire toward the back of your project.
33.                Use 6 inches of vintage brass wire to attach GSLC gate to the top center piece of barbed wire using techniques we used above.
34.                Do the same for the three GSLC dragon dioramas you created earlier, two on either side of gate attached to top piece of barbed wire and the third centered below the GSLC Gate on the bottom portion of barbed wire.
35.                Cut 9 inches of brass chain to attach to the top loops using two jump rings and flat nose and chain nose pliers.
36.                Hang them some place where they can be observed from both sides like a window allowing sunlight to flow through for an ever changing suncatcher.
This is another great gift for any Game of Thrones fandom. Things are not always what they seem I thought the dragon in the picture was just resting but once you see the entire picture your realize it is a slain dragon. The book itself that the image comes from has no words and you are encouraged to add your own. I like that artwork does the same thing, it surprises us and encourages us to add our own story to that which the artist has created.

  Supplies: Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Ornament Double Side-Coming Soon!!, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Miniature Dragons Silhouettes, assortment of metallic acrylic paints in shades of green, blue, and purple, Ferro Texture Paint Irongold, Small Stencil for texturing, small plastic palette knife, stamp of your choosing, permanent black ink, Versa Mark, Ice Resin Iced Enamels Chartreuse,  Heating Tool, DecoArt Americana Chocolate and FolkArt Copper acrylic paints, Weldbond, Susan Lenart Kazmer Jewelry Grade Crystal Clear Ice Resin, Plastic Measuring Cup, Wooden Stirring Stick, Protective Rubber Gloves, Trash Bag, Something to Cover Resin While it is Drying,

I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!

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