Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hedgerow Across the field

Hello, it's Heather with you today with a simple project which can either be just a picture or made slightly smaller and used as a card. 

I recently bought a pad with various patterns of paper

When I saw the one in the background of this project I remembered that I had got quite a lot of Gypsy Soul Laser cuts items that I could use to make a hedgerow,

which I am sure anyone can see all over the world. I began by painting all the relevant parts with white Gesso, but I only did one side as they were all going to be stuck down in some way. When the Gesso had dried I used various greens and browns in distress ink to colour the fronds, and finished them off with Cosmic Shimmer gilding polish to give them a bit of a shine, I coloured the grass in green and the foliage in Powder blue gilding polish. Then I began to layer the fern fronds across the bottom of the paper in different directions, I stuck them down with everyday crafting glue and layered some on top to give some texture and density. We get lots of different birds, butterflies and dragonflies around where I live, so I thought I would add some of these to my project. 

I just coloured the birds with various distress inks and gilding polish then I discovered that I had some birds on branches in my stash so coloured those and added them into the hedgerow.

Because the background paper on the project is 12" x 12" it began to look a bit bare across the top and corner so I coloured some more of the little birds and a leafy corner (which I did with green gilding polish) and added these together with a butterfly from the butterfly and dragonfly set to the background.

If you decide to do this smaller, to give as a card, the sentiment can go in the upper half of the picture and I am sure that anyone would be only too pleased to receive it.

Gslcuts items used:

Other Items used:
Cosmic shimmer gilding polish
Distress inks
Cosmic shimmer Acrylic Glue

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  1. I love the idea of recreating this as a card, it looks wonderful put together.