Monday, January 14, 2019

Woodland Fairy Crown

Hello this is Yolie with my first Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts project. Today I am sharing my version of a woodland Fairy crown using GSLC's Crown.

I prepared the Crown pieces with Golden Gesso and allowed to dry.

Next, I generously added White Crackle Texture Paste. Lots of peeks and valleys as I wanted large crackles and smaller ones too. The thick peeks will result larger crackles while the thinner valleys smaller. Allow to dry, no heat gun. It took about 45 minutes to completely dry.

While I waited for the Crackle Paste to dry, I prepared the intricate scroll piece with Copper Kettle Metallic Lustre. I applied it carefully as to not bend any of the scrolls. Once it dried, I took a cotton cloth to polish.

Now that the Crackle Paste dried, I used Alfalfa acrylic paint. I covered the piece completely and before it dried, I took a paper towel to remove the paint allowing paint into the cracks.

Here I used Dark Brown with a bit of black to cool the color. Using the same method mentioned above, I painted just a few spots and then quickly removed the paint with a paper towel.

Finally, I embellished the crown with gems, pearls, stones, flowers, crystals, gold glass glitter and flowers. I adhered the embellishments with a hot glue and Heavy Body Gel.

Here's a closeup of the gorgeous flowers sprinkled with gold glass glitter.
Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed my version of a Woodland Fairy Crown.

Supply List:
Gypsy Soul Laser Cut Crown Item H2CR1
Gesso White
Texture Paste White Crackle
Acrylic Paints, Alfalfa, Dark Brown, Black
Metallic Lustre Copper Kettle
Glass Glitter
Hot Glue
Heavy Body Gel
Paint brushes

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  1. This is stunning! I love your color choices and depth of crackle.. really a lovely crown fit for any royal forest guest!! Cannot wait to see more of your pieces!!