Saturday, January 5, 2019

Miniature Root Cellar Storage

Happy Saturday everyone! The second I saw the GSL Apothecary Cabinet for Smaller Bottles it reminded me of my grandma's root cellar, which was always chock full of mysterious canned goods, root vegetables and a few holiday decoration odds and ends and it inspired me to make my own version.

I started by laying out all the pieces. There are actually three separate shelving units in this cabinet. A wide center one and two thinner side units. Once you get the left/right and top/bottom pieces sorted out, everything else is a shelf or shelf spacer.
I chose a medium brown acrylic paint for this piece and started by painting all of the interior surfaces.
I then dry fit all the pieces together to see what they will look like when glued together. The shelf paper I chose was Paper Studio Cream Country Crackle, which was inked with Ranger vintage photo to give a bit of aging.
After touching up the paint, the only thing left was to fill the shelves! Let's take a tour... The cask on the left hand shelf is a made from a mini pickle barrel. The spigot is made from a bugle bead glued into a wooden bead. The moonshine jar has clear Ice Resin inside. For the wine bottles, I used both resin miniatures and some red Christmas lights I dipped in silver paint. If we have wine, we also need cheese! The wheels are made from polymer clay.

The shelf on the right hand side holds holiday decorations. The only thing hand made here is the polymer clay pumpkin. Everything else is an assortment of miniatures, beads, buttons and resin pumpkin vase filler.
The center shelf is where the food is stored. The jars have tiny polymer clay fruit and veggies suspended in Ice Resin. The honey is Ice Resin tinted with a tiny bit of yellow acrylic paint. The bees are polymer clay nail decals. The potatoes are also made from polymer clay, coated with pastel chalk. The little crate they are sitting in was made by gluing together coffee stir sticks. The oatmeal and fruit cocktail containers are from a Barbie grocery set.
Below that we have some miniature platters, tea tins made from painted miniature wood blocks, some resin jam jars and polymer clay pumpkins. The Spam cans are painted dollhouse bricks with a printed label.
The preserved vegetables and fruits are molded from polymer clay. It's a bit tedious but not hard at all to do. Since they are so tiny, I only baked them for a few minutes.
After baking, I stuffed them in miniature jars. Ice Resin is really easy to use. It comes in two parts. You just mix equal parts in a small container then carefully pour into your jars.
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Gypsy Soul Laser Item Used

Apothecary Cabinet for Smaller Bottles

Other Items Used 
Tacky glue
Cream Country Crackle scrapbook paper
Acrylic paint
Miniature jars
Polymer clay
Wooden blocks and mini pickle barrel
Mini treasures

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  1. I do not have the patience to put these together but they look stunning once completed. Yours is amazing and I LOVE all the incredible details!! Bravo!!