Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Vintage Florentine Triptych

It's the middle of winter, so hey, let's make something with a summery theme!
As I am writing this, there is ice as far as the eye can see. We had a beautiful snow fall followed by an ice storm, so of course I am going to make a summer piece full of flowers and insects and a lovely lady with green eye shadow. Oh yeah.
I started out with the Vintage Triptych - Florentine (which is coming soon!)
I used the pieces as templates and drew around them for the papers I used. You need one of each chipboard piece for both back and front.
I used linen hinging tape on the INSIDE fold of the triptych.
The triptych will not close properly if you put the hinging tape on the outside.
make sure you allow for a little space between the chipboard pieces to compensate for the thickness of the inner arch and any paper layers you add. Depending on your layout, anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch.
I turned the piece over, linen hinging tape facing down, and glued the center back piece and the outside front side pieces on.  This side paper is the paper you will see when the doors are closed.
 I messed around with the interior layout until I got a balance that I liked...
And glued it all down. I inked the edges as best I could all the way around.
And added the butterfly to the doors carefully cutting it in half and matching the pieces as I glued the second half down.
When all the pieces were dry, I added a thin layer of matte varnish and let that dry. Then I added little extra detailing.....
like dots and green eye shadow. I put these embellishments on top of the dry varnish because it's much easier to remove them if you make a mistake! The eye shadow is colored pencil and the dots are acrylic paint.
After I am happy with the way everything looks, I add a second coat of varnish front and back and voila. A happy summery thing to look at in the middle of winter!
Thank you for stopping by!
Vintage Triptych -  Florentine
Acrylic paint in white and metallic olive green
Graphic 45 papers Flutter Collection
Bo Bunny Double Dot Vintage Wasabi (Green dot papers)
Matte medium
Acrylic varnish in matte
Colored pencils