Friday, January 25, 2019

Doorway to Adventures

Winter sometimes makes me feel restless with cabin fever and my mind wanders to adventures in faraway places...just a doorway away...

Items used: Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts' House Oddities Box, Ranger's Black Soot Distressed Ink, Graphic 45's City Scapes 8x8 & 12x12, Times Nouveau Glad Rags 12x12, Steampunk Debutante Time Flies 12x12, Black chalk paint, Beacon Fabric-Tac, double sided foam tape, jewelry wire, 2" wide ribbon, Momenta travel themed sticker embellishments.

After choosing which patterns to choose from the G45 City Scapes 8x8 pad, I laid out the box pieces onto the pages to trace out the box images.

The external box pieces were then edged with black chalk paint. I like to use black chalk paint (rather than ink) because it covers thoroughly with less application & a little bit goes a long way!

The card stock pieces were edged with Black Soot ink before gluing them down to the chipboard. I used a brayer to make sure the cardstock adhered completely flat to the chipboard pieces.

Line up the box pieces & assemble with Beacon glue.

I chose a 12x12 patterned page from G45 City Scapes for the external covering of the box.

The door panels were disassembled so that the 'trim' could be painted in a contrast color. Stamp embellishments were added inside of the box for a consistent theme.

Images for the skyline silhouette pieces were traced out of the 8x8 pad, chipboard pieces were attached together by strips of reinforce packing tape, edged with black chalk paint & cutout card stock images were glued onto skyline.

Butterfly images were fussy cut out from G45 Steampunk Debutante Time Flies & glued (double-sided) onto jewelry wire.

Ribbon was then glued between chipboard & card stock to last piece of skyline silhouette.

Wired butterflies were blued to the top of building skyline so that when it's folded, they're staggered. Skyline was then embellished with fussy cut images from G45 Times Nouveau Glad Rags & City Scapes, and Momenta travel themed stickers.

More fussy cutting to embellish the external portion of the box. Double sided foam tape was used to pop & layer images.

Painted wood feet were added to the box for more character. Butterfly theme was continued on the door & top of box.

Embellishments were also added to the inside of the door. Even with the extravagant butterflies, the folded skyline fits nicely into the box.

And that my dearest - is how we create our wonderful Doorway to Adventures!

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  1. This is amazing. I need to try some of the 3-D GSLC items!! Your artwork is very inspirational.