Saturday, January 12, 2019

Walking the Winter Woods at Night

A lifetime ago I was and English Major. Truth be told, I was not a particularly great at it. My true academic love at the time was journalism, and I did not have the temperament to analyze and discuss poems and fiction hour after hour after hour. 

Still, I always loved the written word--before, during and after my time in college. Something about Robert Frosts's "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," has always appealed to me. It's tone is what inspired my piece "Winter Woods at Night." 

Tutorial How to make the Winter Woods at Night

Begin by adhering old dictionary pages to a piece of white cardstock with Mod Podge.  If you look close, you can see I chose pages that included words with "winter" and "woods". Use a dry brush to apply dark and light blue acrylic paint in criss-cross strokes. 
Trace the outline of the Mini House Room 4 x 4 Box onto the pack of your dictionary/cardstock paper and cut out.
The Mini House Room Box is designed to have a piece cross the house at the base of the roofline. Because this project eliminates the top piece, you need to cut off some of the notches of the side panels so the roof lies evenly on top.
Use Mod Podge to adhere your blue painted dictionary pages to the interior of the house.
Use a dry brush to paint yellow and white acrylic paint over another dictionary page. When dry, cut a circle from it and adhere to the interior of your box.
 Mix gesso with water and use brush bristles to flick this mixture onto your box in order to create snow.

Add a rectangle of pine green cardsdtock to the interior floor. 
Cut the frame away from the Framed Trees
Cover the Framed Trees and the Pine Tree Shape Set with a glue stick and then apply pine green embossing powder. Activate with heat. 
Add Snow-Tex and Diamond Dust to the top of the tree boughs. Brush trees with gold pigment to accentuate the moon shining down. 
To create dimension, use adhesive foam pads when adding the trees. 
Cut out snow mounds from white cardstock and add Snow-Tex to the top edge. When dry, adhere into your winter scene. 
Print out our title. Cover it with a glue stick and add Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture. Repeat several times until you are happy with the results. Add a silver cardstock mat.
Cut out child from Paper Calliope Vintage Children #2 and add a small strip of clear packaging behind it to make a stand. Adhere the stand in place.

Finish the interior by adding in some bleached cheesecloth and large pearl beads.

Add decorative cardstock to the exterior of the house. Glue icicle swag to the edges and your art is complete.

Happy Crafting, Betsy

Great Stuff

Pine Tree Shape Set
Framed Trees
Mini House Room 4 x 4 box
Paper Calliope Vintage Children #2
Seth Apter Baked Texture Vintage Beeswax
Green Embossing powder
Glue stick
Embossing ink
Mod Podge
Faux snow
Acrylic paint
Gold ColourArte Pigment
Acrylic medium
Pink and blue Gelattos
White cardstock
Silver cardstock
Pine green cardstock
Decorative cardstock
Old dictionary pages
Cheese cloth
Pearl beads
Icicle swag

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  1. Love the deep blue and composition of your piece!! Well done!!