Friday, January 4, 2019

With Wonder Shadowbox

Hello!! Jennalee here today, wishing you a Happy New Year!! I spent the first day of 2019 in my studio playing, and this was the result!! I had put together this Mini Shadowbox a while back and found it in my drawer while looking for the Pocket Watch, which was the inspiration for this whole piece. Being the new year I wanted to make something with a watch or clock theme. From there I just let the piece guide me. Those are always my favorite projects!!  

Begin by covering the inside surfaces of the 3-inch Shadowbox with vintage ledger scraps and cigar label patterned paper. Then assemble the box.

Cover the back of the shadowbox with a ruler print patterned paper. Cover the sides of the shadowbox with a faux rust background.  Sand edges and ink to help everything blend together. 

Apply Distress Crazing Medium to back of box and allow to air dry. Once dry add distressing using Prima Artist Powders.

Make a photocopy of a vintage photo booth photo on plain copy paper. Heat emboss two layers of Vintage Beeswax over image. I prefer to do this technique on plain copy paper because of the unique transparent effect it achieves. 

Apply Distress Grit Paste randomly on the 1 1/2 inch Pocket Watch. Allow to air dry. 

Once the Grit Paste has air dried apply a faux rust treatment. 

Stitch photo to pocket watch. Wrap wire around the top of pocket watch. 

Heat emboss the 2-inch clock from the Pocket Watch Assorted Size Set with Burnt Copper Leaves and a sprinkle of Patina Oxide.  

Adhere clock to inside of shadowbox. Add a small screw in hook to top inside of box. 

Add a large gear to inside of clock. In bottom left corner add metal number nine. I wanted a nod to 2019 so I cut the word nineteen out of the dictionary and adhered it to the metal number. 

Finish off two of the corners with a corner sticker. 

Apply Handle with Care ephemera piece to top of shadowbox. 

To finish off the pocket watch add 'wonder' sentiment. Adhere key to bottom of shadowbox. Add a vintage metal film canister lid to bottom of box for a stand. 

I really enjoyed creating this project and love the way it turned out. It was a great way to kick off 2019. I wish you all a very happy year full of renewed creativity!! 
Thanks for stopping by and happy creating my friends ~ Jennalee 


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  2. Gorgeous as always!! I love your attention to details and vintage techniques. A real stunner. I deleted previous comment as I could not edit it!! Keep up your amazing work!! So inspirational.