Thursday, March 30, 2017

ST .GEORGES DAY April 23rd.

King Edward III made St George England's official Patron Saint because, although St. George wasn't English, he embodied the characteristics that King Edward wanted to project to the outside world, and a Patron Saint didn't have to be from the country of origin.
There are many stories about St. George  but they all seem to agree that he killed a dragon that was terrorising a village and that he died on April 23rd. 303 AD.

The finished plaque.

First of all I decided which pieces to use from GSLcuts.many lovely items.

 Next I gessoed all the pieces  and then coloured them ready to put onto the plaque, I just used different distress inks for this. I kept using different colours until I came up with the end product that I liked. The rose, of course, is red because that is the colour of the English rose.

 I then cut a fairly thick piece of cardboard into a shield shape and covered it in white gesso, then cut a piece of white card and embossed it with an embossing folder from my collection. Any embossing folder can be used, it was just to give the background a texture. I cut two pieces of red card, embossed them with the same folder as the base and stuck them onto the base to make the English flag, (red cross on a white background)

I went online to find a picture of St. George, there were hundreds of course, but I just chose the one that I liked and that fitted with what I wanted to do.

Placing the relevant pieces on the plaque came next,  I used the feathery flourishes set on the base to make a rough frame. Then came St. George holding his horse, and trying to slay the dragon.
The rose I put on a background of white card so that it would show up better, and placed it at the bottom of the plaque. I cut the stem off the rose  as I only wanted the flower itself.
I  put the label at  the top of the plaque with St. Georges day hand written on it.

This is just a simple project but I hope someone will be inspired enough to have a go, maybe for another special day. Remember projects don't always have to be complicated, simple things can look nice too.

          Horse shape set 
              Dragons shape set 
                          Stackable labels shape set 
                Long stemmed rose.

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