Friday, March 17, 2017

Gypsy Soul Shadowbox

Hello everyone.  Gina here today with a little shadowbox I made for my office.  There has recently been some discussion of the company name here at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  The name came from someone near and dear to me who told me that I have a "Gypsy Soul" because I love to travel, meet new people and just roam in general.  Now, I received that as a compliment, and if anyone finds it offensive then I apologize, but it is in no way meant to have a negative connotation. That said, here's my project.

I started with the 6 by 6 Shadowbox.  I love the versatility of this little box, as it is made to hold a 4 by 6 inch (or 6 by 4 inch) photo as well as allowing for a few little additions.  It can be displayed with the small openings vertical or horizontal.
I assembled my box first without glue to make sure I had all the pieces in the correct place.  Then I began gluing the pieces in, working from the inside out.
Once my box was assembled and my glue was dry, I painted my box using acrylic paint.

I printed out some quotes that I like and added some scraps of pattered paper for the backs of two of the small squares.In the center square I showcased some sand and shells brought back from our vacation on Dauphin Island.

For the large opening I printed out a photo that I captioned.  The box as a whole was just meant to remind me who I am and what makes me smile.
As a final touch I created a beaded tassel to place at the bottom of the box.
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Products used:
6 x 6 Shadowbox

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