Thursday, March 16, 2017

A box for all reasons . . .

Hi Everyone. Nancy Wethington here with a quick project from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

Today, I'm showcasing the Cardmaker's File Box. This is an easy to put together project and would make a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. The box is about 6.25" tall and 6.25" square and can be used for a myriad of ideas.

Of course, you could store anything you want inside. But it's also a great way to store greeting cards - either newly made and ready to send, or those you want to save for the memories.

I'm thinking about those Dads out there who

(1) may not be able to get out to purchase cards

(2) need cards at their jobs for co-workers

(3) need a box on their dresser that will hold what-nots.

This project is good for any of the reasons mentioned above. And so easy to do!

The two pieces shown above are the base and lid. The lid has a hole in the center pre-punched for a knob. The base piece does not.

The other 4 largest pieces will make up the box sides. Using the notches and slots, match the notches to the slots and adhere using a strong wet glue such as Beacon 3-in-1 or Beacon Fabri-Tac. 

The sides of the box (all 4 pieces) will fit perpendicular to the base piece.

Next is the lid. There are 4 short pieces that will fit into the slots of the lid piece. Adhere those with a strong wet glue, matching notches to slots.

Just in case you're wondering: I'm putting this together before decorating because the notches and slots cannot be covered or they won't fit into the appropriate spaces. Even painting this prior to putting it together could warp the notches so that they will no longer fit in the slots.

So now that the glue has dried, it's time to work on decorating. Thinking of putting this on my husband's side of the dresser, I'm decorating in a rustic *manly* way with Tim Holtz French Industrial Paper Stash.

First, I'm painting the edge at the bottom of the box as well as the edges on the inside lid with brown acrylic paint.

Then, the paper is cut to match the inside of the box as follows:
  • Bottom of the box is 6.25" x 6.25"
  • Each side (on the inside of the box) measures 6" tall X 6.25" wide
  • Inside lid: 5 7/8" square

If you're going to attach a knob to the top of the box, turn the lid over and punch a hole where the knob should go. This will be centered in the middle of the pre-punch hole.

Grab a pencil (preferably mechanical because it makes the thinnest lines - usually). Once you've chosen the paper you want to use for the top of the lid, turn the paper upside down as well as the lid and draw around the lid perimeter.

Take the lid away and cut around the pencil lines. Glue in place on the lid top. You may have a little bit of paper overlay. If so, using sand paper, sand off the extra paper. It's best to hold the lid right side up and sand down. Then ink up the edges with either brown or black ink.

The outside *walls* are each 6" tall X 6.5" wide. Ink the edges of your paper and wallpaper the sides of the box. 

Add a knob of your choice and your project is complete.

If you're going to create greeting cards, insert the included tabs and file them away.

Would you believe you're ready for Father's Day? Or choose another paper line and make one up for

  • your Mom, aunt, sister or best friend
  • your office or his office
  • a birthday gift with the card inside
  • a shower to hold tiny baby things
  • a wedding box keepsake 
  • or yourself!
Look how different it can appear with an alternate paper pattern:

Thanks for sticking with me through this Cardmaker's Box. See you again soon.

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