Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What would Jane do?

Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors. A great story teller and very pithy as well. I see her as the very proper, mannerly Dorothy Parker of her time. She wore velvet gloves and pretty dresses, but I'm not fooled...she was witty and sharp as a tack. It's a good thing she was a proper lady, because I get the impression that Miss Jane did not suffer fools.
There is a book out called "What Would Jane Do?: Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen" that inspired this piece. And Jane herself, of course!

What would Jane do in a difficult situation? Would she put the kettle on? Be politely sympathetic to a gossipy old busybody?

Or would she give the hornets nest a ladylike shove?

I think the answer to that is that Jane would do both!

I started off this project with the Square Shrine Gatefold and taped the pieces together using Linen Book Binding tape.
I made sure there was at least a generous quarter inch space between the pieces in order to accommodate both the fold and the thickness of the die-cut pieces I used inside. I tested it out before I made anything permanent.

I wanted the inside to be reminiscent of a wallpapered room with wainscot, so I chose two complimentary papers.

Though the center piece is higher than the side pieces, I made sure that the bottom striped paper was level all the way across all three pieces. I glued all my papers down front and back.

I cut two images from my collage sheet of Jane that fit into the Flourished Frame-Elizabeth (coming soon) And glued them to a piece of cardboard I cut to fit the inside of the frame.
I used components from the Tea Time Shape and Border Set on both sides of the Gatefold, painting them white and giving them a little shadow and detail to add a bit of dimension.
I couldn't resist covering the teapot with pink polka dots...so cute!
 I also used the Victorian Corners 2 as details under the spoons. I cut the ends off of both to accommodate the What Would Jane Do plaque as I had a spot of trouble getting it to stay flat!
I also used a poster paint marker in white to add little dots and details to the piece. So fun to think of Jane and all the wonderful hours of reading I have had with her. Now I'm off to have a cuppa!

Square Shrine Gatefold
 Tea Time Shape and Border Set
 Victorian Corners 2
Flourished frame - Elizabeth (coming soon)

Other Supplies:
Graphic 45 6x6 Patterns and Solids from Botanical Tea
White Poster Paint Marker
Collage sheets from Sandy Gordon (Art Tea Life)
White and Pink Acrylic Paint

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