Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fairy Wreath

Hello and Happy Spring! It's Gloria with you today, and I am sharing a fun, springtime wreath.
I admit, making dimensional wreath projects is not in my main wheelhouse, but with the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chippies, it makes it pretty easy to take one on! I had a blast making my wreath and adding a tiny fairy hut, with some sweet fairies flitting around!
I depleted my stash of yellow flowers for this project, but it was worth it!

Let's get started!
We will be using the medium ring from the Wreath Rings set for our basic wreath shape. Set the other rings aside for other projects. 
Brush one side of the wreath ring with matte gel medium and place it face down onto a piece of decorative paper. Use a brayer to smooth the paper. Set the project aside to allow the adhesive to dry.
Use a craft knife to cut round the inside and outside circles. Use sanding blocks to smooth any rough edges.
Prepare the pieces of the Mini House Shadow Box 2.
Assemble the house. Use white ink or paint to give the house a weathered look. I used a spray ink and a foam brush to paint my house.
Once the paint has dried, glue the house to the bottom right side of the wreath, as shown. I used hot glue to attach my little house. I also added a bit of support on the back of the house with a cardboard shim.
Use pigment inks to color the vines, fairy, and word art from the Scribble Frame Fairy set. Allow the ink to dry.
Glue the fairy frame to the top of the 3D house, as shown.
Add dew drops to a small glass bottle and glue the bottle to the inside of the house. Add a butterfly charm, as shown. Attach the word art to the upper left of the wreath.
Use black ink to color two small fairies from the Garden Fairies - Small set. Allow the ink to dry. Glue one fairy to the top of the "H" and the other fairy to the bottom left of the scribble frame.
Use hot glue to attach yellow and white flowers, and green leaves, to the frame and the main wreath, as desired. Add yellow  and green enamel dots, as desired.
Celebrate spring!

Gloria Stengel: Scraps of Life

Supplies Used:

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts:
Wreath Rings
Mini House Shadow Box 2
Scribble Frame Fairy
Garden Fairies - Small

Pigment ink (moss green, turtle, pistachio, pepper, cocoa), enamel dots, flowers and leaves, spirals, matte gel, white spray ink, multi-medium, wet glue, hot glue, decorative paper, dew drops (yellow, black, white), butterfly charm, glass bottle with stopper, enamel dots

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