Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tablet, Phone or Ipad stand

Hi folks, Angela here with a fairly simple project for you. I decided that it was about time I made the tablet stand up, after all it is only 3 pieces of chipboard! It is however an incredibly useful 3 pieces of chipboard when assembled.

I took a white painter pen and gave the whole thing a basecoat of white.

Then I took the symbols fragment from the Mixed Media Fragments 2 and used it as a stencil, I used a fairly stiff paintbrush (I don't have a specific stencil brush) with some distress paint to pounce through the fragment.

I then took another fragment, this time the hexagon one, from the same set and repeated the process with some color art silk paints:

I decided, once I had done the above step that I would use the fragment to decorate the stand so I cut it into pieces that fit and used an alphabet die set to cut out my name. Here you have the finished piece with an added elephant that I got on my recent trip to the USA.

I hope this will help to inspire some of you to have a go with some of the dimensional things in the store.

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