Sunday, October 1, 2017

Crazy Cat Lady Haunted House Collage

Okay I admit it. I'm one of those crazy cat ladies you hear about.  I mean it's not like we're outnumbered or anything. We have an equal pet to people balance. But if my youngest who is in college now decided to move onto campus...well....he'll have to take one of the cats with him lol.
I created this collage inspired by haunted houses.
 It may have turned out more cute than spooky.  I like it either way.
I didn't plan ahead enough to order the actual chippie I had to create these out of paper. My advice is order the chippies!!!!! You will thank me later. They look much better and are far less work.
Also I thought for sure I had a door????? Once I was in there was no turning back so I used this arch top window as a substitute and added some faux boards across to give it the look of an abandoned house.  The fence is given a crackle finish to give the appearance of age.
Creepy little spiders and webs are the perfect Halloweeny detail and a bit of old moss to emulate once homey flowers turned withered and old.

First I decided on the lay out of  the chippies from the Gingerbread House Mini Album Kit and mixed in Halloween elements.
Paper with a brick print was added to the background and snipped out then inked with chalk ink to take the brightness down.

The shingles are created with papers clipped with a scallop edged scissor  then inked and a fine line drawn on.
Once I had the shingles adhered to the base I decided to snip off what would have been icicles on the roof section.
I finished the spiderwebs with a Pitt Pen in black.
The window and door frame are painted in flat white acrylic. The shutters were finished with the Pitt pen. I was concerned the heart cut out was just a bit too cute so I snipped it off.This made the shutter too short. No trouble ...I just stacked 2 to get the correct height.
To age the window and door frames they are given a pounce with the chalk ink.
The windows have a layer of velum and printed paper adhered behind and a bit of detail added to the front with a gray alcohol ink pen.

Wishing all of you a happy and productive day : ) G

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