Monday, October 2, 2017

Dying to get out

Hi Gypsy Soul Fans,
I have a fun Halloween decor project for you today.

This project was so fast and simple to create, but the results are pretty creepy.
Cover your Coffin Box with your choice of paper.  I went with something that looks like weathered wood.
On the underside of the lid place another small piece of the same paper and cut through the chipboard using a craft knife.
Glue your skeleton to the top of the box so his head pops out of the hole. I cut an addition tiny hole so a hand could peep out.  Add brown ink to the edges of the coffin and the hole. Flick on black paint and wrap the box with chains.  Do not wrap them all the way around.  You want the back to remain flat so you can attach it to your frame.  
Paint a frame black and highlight with brass paint.  Glue your coffin to the center and cover the frame with moss. 
You're all done!


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