Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hidden Drawer Book Box

Hi everyone, its Angela here with you today and I am sharing my hidden drawer book box with you.

I decided to cover this one with paper so I set out all the pieces on my desk just to make sure I knew which bit went where, I wanted to make sure I put the paper in the right place.
These are the pieces needed for the drawer (minus the spine of the book which gets added later)
And these are the Book part:
Use the chipboard pieces as templates for your paper (draw round them leaving out the tabs where they join with another piece):

Here is the drawer with the first 2 paper pieces added for the inside

Those of you out there who are very observant will notice that the top piece in the picture is actually the wrong way round, something I hadn't noticed until I put the paper on the wrong side - oops.

Once I had lined the drawer with paper I glued it together and covered the outside, Remember you do not need to cover one of the long sides as the "spine" of the book glues on the front of it.

I then laid out the pieces for the book bit and covered them (do the sides first and then cut pieces to fit the whole front and back and don't forget the spine.

Lastly place the drawer inside the book and glue the spine to the drawer, careful you do not close the drawer or you will find it very difficult to get it open again without pulling the spine off (ask me how I know that one eh! )

And here we have the finished project:

Hidden Drawer Book box
Kirby Teesdale Studio paper

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