Sunday, October 29, 2017

Perpetual Happiness Calendar

Sometimes, I need a reminder to breathe more than I need to recall that it's Sunday the 29th of October.

So I've taken the Gypsy Soul Perpetual Calendar Bracket Style and turned it into a Perpetual Happiness Calendar.

Instead of days and dates, I've replaced them with reminders to kick ass, to sparkle, and included images of some of my favourite things like Christmas robins, Van Gogh and pretty ladies in pink.

Both sides of the cards are decorated to give lots of variation. When the mood strikes, I'll select new cards, reminders to inhale/exhale, to think nice thoughts and encouragement to keep at it!

I've added gold and pink dresden trims and colourful fun bits of sparkle.

With little angel feet to hold up my happiness.

If you really do need to remember what day it is, laser cuts of the months, days and numbers come with the Perpetual Calendar Bracket Style

Or you can set them aside and decorate the inserts with your own joyful reminders.

I've created a short video with tips on putting together this piece. You can skedaddle over HERE to see it. 

The list of requirements!

Perpetual Calendar Bracket Style

Scrapbook paper
Dresden Trims
Cherub Metal Box Feet Set
Oak leaf charms
Gem/Jewel bits and bobs
Washi tape

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  1. This is such a beautiful project. It would make me perpetually happy