Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Doll Trunk by Sandy Trefger

Hello everyone! Sandy here today with this adorable little doll trunk that I created using the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts kit # BD10B 8" Steamer Trunk.  How many of you had a doll trunk similar to this one when you were a kid?  I did.  Mine was pink.  I decided to make this one blue as that color was so pretty with the paper I chose for the inside.

These steamer trunks are so easy to put together and easy to change out to become a doll trunk.  I'll show you how but first let's go over the supply list.

  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts 8" Steamer Trunk Kit #BD10B
  • White Glue - Art Glitter Designer Glue with Metal Tip
  • Glossy Accents
  • Light Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Light Blue Cardstock, 1 sheet 12x12
  • White Cardstock. 1 sheet 12x12
  • Kaisercraft 12x12 Designer Paper. 2 sheets
  • Distress Ink
  • Metal Latches, 3 (2 will be cut apart to create pieces for the handle)
  • Metal Hinges, 2
  • Metal Corners, 8
  • Small Metal Brads, enough to attach your hardware
  • Pink Hug Snug Seam Binding Ribbon
  • Wood Cuticle Stick
  • Eyelets, 2
Let's get started...

Step 1:  Layout all your pieces from the Steamer Trunk kit and wipe off all the edges with a damp cloth or baby wipe to remove the laser burn residue.

Step 2:  Select the pieces needed to convert the steamer trunk to a doll trunk.  I did not use 3 of the chipboard pieces (2 drawer shelves and the drop down desk).  Lay out the pieces on how they are to go together as shown in the photo below.

Step 3:  Use white glue to assemble the two sides of the trunk.  You will put glue into the valley of the notches for each piece.  Assemble both sides and add in the drawer shelves to accommodate your doll.  Leave a place for clothes to hang.

Step 4:  Select the drawers that you will need to fit into your doll trunk. I only needed 2 of the taller ones and 1 of the shorter ones.  Burnish along each fold line to assemble the drawers.

Step 5:  Apply glue to the tabs and glue the drawer sides together. Hold until glue grabs and sets.

Step 6:  Select your acrylic paint color.  I used light blue.  Paint the insides of the drawer areas, the sides, back and bottom of the drawers and then paint about a 1/2" area along all edges of both sides of the trunk and the drawers.

Step 7:  Select your patterned paper for the inside of the trunk.  I went with a small rose floral pattern from Kaisercraft.  

Step 8:  To tone down the light blue color and to give the trunk a more vintage look, I inked the painted edges of the trunk with Iced Spruce Distress Oxide Ink. It also made the blue more like the blue in the patterned paper.

Step 9:  Measure and cut patterned paper to cover all the inside sections of the trunk and drawers.  Leave the sides of the trunk on the inside unpatterned until you have finished the outside and added your hardware.  The pattern paper on the inside will cover up the brads you will use to attach the hardware.

Step 10:  For the papers that will cover the front and inside front of the drawers, lay it on the drawer front and mark the notch with a pencil . See photo above.  Then use a small circle punch to punch out the notch.  Glue the papers on to the front of each drawer and to the front inside of each drawer.

Step 11:  Measure and cut solid cardstock pieces (I used light blue) to cover all the exterior sections of the trunk.

Step 12:  Cut 12x12 white cardstock into 3/4" strips.  Score the strips in half lengthwise to create trim for the outside of the trunk. Cut into 4 each 8" strips, 4 each 4" strips and 8 each 2" strips. Burnish and fold in half.

Step 13:  Glue the white trim strips to all of the outer edges of the trunk.

You do not put trim on the inner edges. See photo below.

Step 14:  Lay your metal hinges on to the left back side of the trunk.  Create holes for the hinges  with either a drill and small bit or a brad piercing tool.  Attach the hinges with small metal brads.  Open up the prongs on the inside of the trunk and make sure they are flattened down well.  You can add a bit of glue to secure them in place.

Step 15:  Attach the metal latch to the right front side using brads.

Step 16:  Use Glossy Accents to glue the metal corners to each outer corner of the trunk.

Step 17:  Create a handle out of cardstock and metal cut from two latches.  Attach to one side of the trunk with brads and glue.

Step 18:  Finish patterning all the remaining sections of the trunk including the drawers.  Paint a wood cuticle stick to create a dowel for the clothes/hanger side of the trunk.  Cut wood dowel to size and insert ends into two eyelets.  Glue into the clothes section of the trunk.

Step 19:  Cut the prongs off of small brads and use Glossy Accents to attach brads into the holes of the metal corner pieces.

Step 20:  Attach a ribbon into the doll section of the trunk.

Your doll trunk is completed and looks just like the vintage ones.

Thank you for following along.  I can't wait to find a small doll to put inside my doll trunk.  She needs to be about 5.5" tall.  This will sit on a shelf in my quilting room where I have other vintage toys.

I'll be back on October 18th with something spooky for Halloween.  Please visit my blog/website at: for more of my crafty creations.

Happy Crafting!